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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Review: Essence All Eyes On Me Multi-Effect Mascara

Assalamualaikum and hello my beautiful people!

Yayyy it's Raayaaaaa! Salam Aidilfitri to my Muslim friends and happy holidays to my non-Muslim friends hehehehehe. Maaf zahir dan batin!


So, today I wanna share my thoughts on this Essence mascara. Hehehe. This was in my June favourites and you'll see why... Okay. So yeah let's start!


The all eyes on me multi-effect mascara is a true all-rounder and fulfills all wishes. The special brush and unique texture provide your lashes with extra volume, additional length and a breathtaking curve as well as covering each individual lash with mascara and offering ideal separation. Available in trendy soft black, it is the ultimate must-have of the season! Opthalmologically tested.


So I was looking for a very basic mascara from Essence and I'm looking for other than the Plump No Clump so I decided to get this All Eyes On Me Multi-Effect Mascara.

First impression: I was surprised that the wand is quite small, as yall know Essence mascaras has gigantic wands. LOL. It's weird. But this one is smaller than average. Product didn't stick to my lashes at first so I put in few eyedrops and tried it again, it has a quite natural lashes goin' on ya know.

Comparing the mascara wand with Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara, it's so tiny!

The packaging is almost similar to Essence Multi Action Mascara and I think they both has the same finish, except the Multi Action is more volumizing and lengthening.

Okay, to be honest I didn't like this mascara at first because the wand is so small and it gets into my eyes everytime I use it. Then after I get the hang of it (few weeks later), I'm like bishhhhh. This mascara is bomb. Now lemme tell ya why it's bomb. It's a great mascara base, it's not clumpy, does not flake, gets all the lashes even the baby lashes ones. Oh and it's so stinking cheap!

Well, I included demo down below.

1 coat on my left eye (your right side)

2 coates on both lashes

I fell in love with the fresh look that it gives. My lashes became fuller and just so flatteringggg. I love it. Oh the tube is pretty tiny so it's so easy to bring it in my everyday pouch!

Lashes look natural but fuller
Easy to use
Tiny mascara wand
Not clumpy

I can't think of any

Final thoughts: I really like this mascara. It's a great mascara base. I might repurchase this mascara just because I want a non-clumpy mascara to use before using other volumizing mascara. It's great. I love it. Oh did I mention it's stinking cheap? YEP.

So yeah. That's it guys. I hope you guys find this helpful in any way.

I'm sorry I don't write panjang-panjang because I'm in one of my moods. Hahaha.

Mana taknya, penat reviewing products in June tak habis lagi. Forgive me, sis.

Thank you for reading!


Rating: ★★★★☆

Essence website

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