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Sunday, October 16, 2016

First Impression/Review: Morphe 35F - Fall Into Frost Palette

Assalamualaikum and hello my beautiful Pah pipurrrrrrrr

Ahhh haven't done a first impression review for so fricking long!

Okay I actually cheated, I did the first impression on my Instagram stories and I already swatched them but I really wanna share my full thoughts on this palette just because I am super excited. I got the chance to buy this Morphe palette and it is my second product from Morphe. I bought a single eyeshadow for a looooong time ago and the quality wasn't that bad at all. So yeah. Let's beginnnn~~


Featuring 7 all-new highly pigmented matte shades and 28 rich metallic colors, this is the palette you will reach for to wake up your looks with a touch of eye-catching shimmer. The 7 matte colors offer necessary neutrals from flesh toned to black and ensure an effortless, well-blended look every time.

Dimensions of Palette:
Length: 9"
Width: 6"
Thickness: 1/2"
Number of Pans: 35
Pan Size: 2 1/2"

Net Wt.:56.2g/1.98oz



Talc, Mica, Mineral Oil, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lanolin, Methylparaben, Polyparaben, Propylparaben. May Contain: Mica and Titanium dioxide, Iron Oxides, Manganese Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Chrome Oxide Green, Hydrated Chrome Oxide Green, FD&C Red No.40 A1 Lake, FD&C Yellow No.5 A1 Lake, FD&C Blue No.1 A1 Lake.


Okay I know it's Sunday supposed to share
Are these gorgeous? They are, right? THEY'RE FRICKING GORGEOUS

Anyways, everyone was raving about the Morphe 35O but me as usual, I don't really buy stuff that has so much hype. I mean I do but eyeshadow palettes, I buy whatever the F I want. Well, the first time I saw this was on Snapchat, Youtube Beauty Gurus unboxing this baby and it was love at first sight. I was interested in the 35T palette but I don't know man, it's gorgeous but I felt more sparks with the 35F ya know? LOL

I only bought this palette because I need more shade varieties to use on my clients. Kot-kot diorang nak kaler pelik-pelik mana aku nak dapat? Mac eyeshadows are fricking expensive. Kalau RM150 aku baru dapat 2 setengah eyeshadow kot. Haiosdjlkasd

There are 28 metallic shades and 7 matte shades. The matte shades are all in the brown hues and 1 black matte eyeshadow. You can never go wrong with black eyeshadow. For the metallic shades, some of them are shimmery metallic and some of them are glittery metallic.

Now let me story by rows..? Ok.

The swatches on my arm is Left to Right from this palette... Okay?

First row is mostly highlight kinda shades and mixed with gold, brown and what's that shade on the bottom? Bronzy kinda shade? Okay I am already failing at describing shades. LOL. Anyways, these are VERY pigmented and just look at the metallic-ness, it's nutz. I used the third shade to highlight and damn it was dang intense. Okay, here's the Instagram video of me using it as highlight. It's quite blinding kan???? Gila.

The second row is my favourite row for now of course. Just look at the damn swatches, sooooo fricking pigmented. I didn't use any primers when I swatched these babies okay. I can see the two shades on top top are my kinda shades, oh my god, I cannot wait to put them on muh lids. There are some glittery shades here, I cannot remember which one and the swatches didn't do any justice. Lighting was kinda bad so yeah. LOL.

Now, the third row has some plum/purple, burnt orange/red kinda shades and also yellow-ish brown or green? I don't know man but I can't say this enough, just look at the pigmentations okay? Ughhhhhhhhh SO FRICKING AMAZING!

The fourth row has more darker shades and there's one like almost a yellow mustard kinda shade and it is gorgeous! I put it on my lids the other day and I didn't need a primer! I just dabbed it on my lids and the pigmentation is unbelievable.

Last but not least, the matte rows. The first shade is suitable for blending. I wish there were more varieties, as you can see they all are in the same hues. I feel like they're lacking burnt reddish matte eyeshadow ya know? I don't know. Baru lah kena dengan Fall kan? Haha

So I actually did 3 looks with this palette but the third look I did was pretty much a matte look so I won't include it here. I can't remember if I took photos of em or not. I don't think so. Anyways.

The first look, I just use whatever eyeshadows I can stack on my eyes. LOL. I use a lil bit of purple, orange, burnt red... The mattes... Aaaaa. Memang was just experimenting la... To see the pigmentation apa semua and I'm impressed!

So the second look I did, I used the more of grey tones, boleh kata gunmetal kinda shade la kan? It's not like super dark but it's not grey silver...? I don't know man something like that. This look is more fierce with the winged liners and stuff... LOL.

***11 Nov 2016***

Adding this beautiful berry kinda look? Feeling "Fall". LOL.

To be completely honest, I don't see any misses in this palette. Of course there are stiffer eyeshadows but it wasn't so bad like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Oh speaking of, forgot to post the review. Well, I will, one fine day. LOL.

Now, the price of this palette. Some Instagram sellers sell it too cheap, like I'm not sure if it's the original palette or not. I think most reasonable would be RM120 - RM180 depends on what shipping courier you'll be using.

Of course, comparing them to popular eyeshadow singles, so Maths part below:-

Morphe eyeshadow singles - 1.5g, premium singles - 3.6g
Mac eyeshadow singles - 1.5g
Makeup Geek eyeshadow singles - 1.8g
Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow singles - 1.7g

RRP: USD22.99 (as of 14 Oct, 1 USD = 4.21 MYR)
USD22.99/35 = USD0.66/eyeshadow

Malaysia's price = RM96.80 not including international shipping

NHS Makeup sells it for RM173 + RM7 for Poslaju

RM180 for 35 eyeshadows = RM5.14/eyeshadow

Bought the single eyeshadow for RM12 (USD2.29 = RM9.64) in 2014.

Guys, 5 bucks an eyeshadow is cheap enough. Even Mac palettes are like RM400 something kot and ada berapa ketul eyeshadow je dalam palette tu like seriously not worth it kot??? Elianto eyeshadows pon dekat RM10 kan? Hasodjlakdasd

I bought my Morphe 35F with @yati3030 aka NHS Makeup, she sells other Morphe products as well. I trust that this is an authentic reseller just because she used to share her postage and stuff from Morphe so yeah. Obvious lah kalau it's fake, the pigmentation won't look like in the swatches above kan?

Pigmentation is superb
High quality
Comes in lots of other colorssss as well~~

Can be quite pricey (if you add international shipping charges)
There are fakes everywhere :(

Final thoughts: I have never fallen in love with an eyeshadow palette like this before. This is just everything. I know Morphe brand can be overrated and overhyped but now I know why it is. It's an amazing brand, I'm not disappointed at all. If you're looking for great eyeshadow palette to start your makeup service business, this is the real shizz. Go get these Morphe eyeshadow palettes. You won't be disappointed okay?

Rating: ★★★★★

So yeah. I hope you guys find this helpful in any way.

I know I promised different product review but... I don't know man, I'm just not feeling like myself lately. Hoiasdjalsdka

Thank you for reading.

Stay gorgeous <3


Morphe website

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