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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Q&A: Skincare/Makeup Ingredients - What Chemicals Should You Look Out For?

Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely ladies!

I'm sorry I didn't post for the whole week. I didn't know what to update and I have just been so busy, well not that busy lah but I don't know, I was overwhelmed with my surroundings. Gituuuu. Hahaha. It's almost 2 months away to my d-day. Ok not d-day lah but you know lah. Sometimes, things will not really going your way, it's just blerghhh. Messy sangat. So yeah.

Okay so recently macam kepoh gila about Johnson's kena saman for $72 mil sebab ada consumer died of an ovarian cancer blablabla, full story here, Basically she said it was caused by using products containing "talcum". Now there has been a looooong pokpek on the internet, is talc really harmful or not? Some people said it's harmful, some said not. I got confused, so I assumed it was okay. If you have been reading my empties posts then you would know that I am a loyal buyer/user of the Johnson's Baby Powder since I was even a baby. (GODDANG IT, JOHNSON'S)

Disclaimer, not a fricking chemist nor expert nor a doctor. I don't do the research and whatnot, not even qualified to do so. 

I have included something like a low, moderate and high hazard in my reviews post, yeah you're welcome to go check em out. LOL. I don't really put em all, aku letak mana yang patut jelah ok. I takde masa lagi nak spend click satu-satu hahaha. Ok. I found Skindeep through mana aku tak ingat but I was like intrigued dengan apa yang ada in the website. Basically it's like a library of skincare/beauty/makeup ingredients kinda stuff. Macam mana tah nak explain korang pergi lah tengok. Haha. So kalau apa-apa nama ingredient pelik, aku tengok jelah sana.

Now, I wanna talk about my personal opinion on "if you can't pronounce it, don't use it". To be honest, that's fricking bullshit. There are lots of chemicals yang nama pelik-pelik tapi end up rupanya benda yang kau selalu pakai. Aku nak bagi contoh aku taktau lah kan. Ok contoh lah yang ni tak susah nak sebut, Sodium (Na). Kalau orang yang betul-betul tak tahu mesti macam oh my god what the heck is that mesti merbahaya. Rupanya garam aja. Haa macam tulah lebih kurang diknon. Tapi tu simple sangat aku takleh nak fikir benda lain. My brain is not functioning well sekarang. Kahkah.

I'm a simple girl/woman, I'm not really an ingredient conscious person. Well I should be since I am wearing lots of makeup and skincare on muh face. I do know what kind of product will make me breakout ke macam silicone-based primer, I cannot at all use those. Dah 3 silicone-based primers aku try and all of them memang my face ada reaction towards it. Tapi bila pakai product lain yang ada silicone/dimethicone jugak tak breakout pulak. Maybe ada something but to hell with that I don't know which one exactly yang buat skin aku macam tu. So I avoid silicone-based clear gel primers.

From what I heard, some organic/natural products (Read more: The Myth of Chemical-Free Cosmetics) pon sebenarnya tak semua will suit your skin. But those "organic" or "natural" ingredients pon chemical jugak. Bezanya bukan synthetic chemical. Synthetic chemical ni yang the ones you have to look out for. Of course some are not harmful at all but some very harmful. Macam ada few arguments aku baca about paraben being harmful and can cause cancer tapi ada research (Read more: OPINION ON Parabens) kata pulak it does not causing any cancer, takde cancer cells blabla.

My point of view pulak, as long as dekat Skindeep tu tak kaler merah ok dah hahahaha. I do avoid paraben kalau boleh or any preservatives. Biasalah preservatives kan memang tak elok for long term. Tapi what to do leh. Everything has preservatives tapi mana yang boleh avoid, aku avoid. Salah satu ingredient yang aku tend to "pandang sebelah mata" is parfum/fragrance. Some said kalau ada parfum ni mesti nak mask bau strong chemical. In my humble opinion, even bad chemicals sometimes has nice scent to it. Kalau korang tengok CSI kan, kalau ada episode kena racun ke apa ke kononnya bau wangi lah apa lah sekali mulut berbuih. Gituuuuu. Hahaha. Well taktau lah betul ke tak kan tapi yelah macam gitulah. Macam kentut lah tak berbahaya tapi bau, hanya Tuhan saja yang tau.

Lagi satu, korang kena tengok lah what chemicals that are carcinogenic to humans, you guys can read more here: Known and Probable Human Carcinogens, and talc is in the list. Huaaaa. I guess I need to change to cornstarch based powder lah kot. HUAAAA.

So yeah. Aku rasa tu jela kot aku malas nak bebel panjang-panjang. Aku bukannya budak pandai nak sembang sains bagai. Ni just opinion aku, mana aku boleh avoid, aku avoid lah haaa.

Okay. Tu saja. Thank you for reading.


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