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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Review: Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge

Assalamualaikum and hello my beautiful people!

So, I know a lot of people in the beauty community has been raving about this Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge for so long and it has been a cult favourite and I'm here like... Wait what's that? Never seen it at Daiso or don't even give a crap about it. But then I saw Noriana's snapchat (Noriana The Face Designer) using this detergent to clean up her brushes I'm like, okay kena try nih since celeb MUA pun pakai kan.

So yeah. Let's!

Sorry I cannot find any product info on it so I'm just gonna type whatever is on the bottle kayh

How to Use
Apply an appropriate amount of the product onto a dry sponge, handwash and rise thoroughly under running water

Components: Surface active agent (34% Polyoxyethelyne alkyl ether, fatty acid alkanolamide)
Alkyl betaine : Water softener, (Alkaline Chemicals)
Characteristics of the solution: Alkaescence


I will try to describe the product myself. So this stuff is basically a fricking soap/detergent for your fricking brushes and sponges. It is retailed at RM5.30 for 80ml. Yes, it's a pretty small bottle but it's from Daiso. Can't complaint. LOL. Of course you guys are familiar with Daiso kan? Daiso is a Japanese store that sells cheap stuff? LOL. I think Daiso is everywhere now but to be completely honest, I prefer Mr DIY. Hehhh heehhh. Just because some products don't worth RM5. I mean yea cheap but some products outside Daiso are like less than RM5... Ok.

Dah lama dah orang rave about this product tapi aku je yang tak nampak. Entah la Daiso kan besar. Kadang-kadang masuk cari barang tak jumpa. Tapi bila tak cari, jumpa pulak. I bought this because I was like randomly browsing in Daiso and I walked aisle to aisle and suddenly I was like, hey this one yang Noriana pakai tu so I was like, bij I gotta buy this mofo.

First impression: A very liquidy soap, a bit too foamy, no scent, super effective

At first I kinda put the detergent onto my brush and my brush got super foamy so I assume you only need a little of product so yeah a little goes a long way. If it gets too foamy, it's kinda hard to wash them off ya know.

So I mix it with water in a small cup and see how it really works and oh my god. I only swirled my brush for like a couple of times and there's not even a single sign of pigments in my brush?????? LIKE HOW? WHAT? WAIT WHAT??? It is damn effective, holy crap I swear to God I only swirled my brush for like 3 times and I took it out and it was like a brand new brush. Holy crap. This stuff is like a fricking bleach for your brushes. I actually posted an Instagram video a whle ago to show you how I use it. In that video, I only put a few drops into the cup (in this video I was using gayung LOL) and a bit of water and yeah. As you can see in the video, it removes all traces of makeup. I mean not all la because the brush I was cleaning in the video is a foundation brush but still. I am freaking impressed!

Even though I clean my brushes using the detergent, I feel like having a bit of scent in my brushes ya know. I like the smell of freshness and cleanliness. Gituuuu. So I kinda mix it the same way as I did before but I added baby shampoo! Yes it gets more foamy but you guys have to figure out the formula. Maybe the Daiso one, put in like 10 drops or something and baby shampoo also 10 drops or maybe lesser? I haven't figure out the formula yet so I can't really say. LOL. Cleans the same way, they just have a scent now. LOL. I love the Johnson's Baby Shampoo scent so... Yeah.

For my beauty sponges, I usually put the detergent onto my palm and just tonyoh-tonyoh the sponge until all pigments got out. I don't have any issues with the detergent being stuck in my sponge and whatnot. It's kinda easy to use actually. Oh and you know I've been using the brush egg to make sure they are clean AF kan? Now I don't really have to use it since using this detergent! I only use the brush egg for kotoran degil and that's it! At least my brushes still can tahan for few more years la kot. Hahaha.

I have never tried other "proper" brush cleansing soap/detergent other than the BeautyBlender Solid BlenderCleanser. Some people mentioned that the BeautyBlender Liquid BlenderCleanser wasn't that effective as the solid cleanser. So maybe this one is a dupe for the liquid one but better and cheaper? I don't know. Let me know if you guys ever tried the liquid cleanser from  BeautyBlender. Yeah the Liquid one retailed at RM90 for 150ml............. RM0.60/ml and the Daiso one RM0.06/ml. AOIDJAKDAKDJLADJAKJDASDLASDLASJK

Anyways, I posted the new go to brush cleaning method on Youtube... Ok...

SUPER effective in removing pigments
SUPER cheap
Easy to get your hands on

No scent? Hahah

Final thoughts: I can't say enough of it, I really really like this product. It removes stuff so effectively and it was like super cheap! HIGHLY recommend for peeps that are just so malas to use household items (olive oil, dish soap). I mean I don't like oily stuff gets in my brushes and this detergent cleans and conditions my brushes quite well. Go get it. I mean it. GET IT NOW.

Rating: ★★★★☆

So yeah. I hope you guys find this helpful in any way.

Thank you for reading! <3


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  1. Super cheap and effective. i love this product <3