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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sample Sunday #1 - Paula's Choice RESIST

Assalamualaikum and hello my beautiful ladies! And gents, sorry.

I actually do not know what to put in the title so I did some googling and I found this hashtag on Instagram. #samplesunday , which has lots of people around the world sharing what sample they've used up and stuff ya know? And I have accumulating a lot of samples these few days so why not kan? I don't want to put it on my Instagram just because I do not want to bebel so much there I mean I prefer to just published a whole post about it ya know? Pfffft. Panjangnya intro.

As you all know, I recently purchased lots of Paula's Choice products samples from Worthee Cosmetics because I wanted to try other PC's products because the products that I have from em are just amazing so I just wanted to see whether other products amazing as hell or just NOPE.

Paula's Choice products are quite pricey if you compared to other brands that are available here in Malaysia. It's not super expensive like the Peter Thomas Roth brand but since we don't have PC flagship store here, it's just damn expensive lah.

I did purchased the other range as well, the Skin Balancing Range but I haven't try them yet. Of course I will post them on my blog in the future okay? :)

Okay whatever. Let's begin.

1. Paula's Choice RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum
Rating: 4/5 on PC, 3.6/5 on MA

This silky, antioxidant-rich serum brightens, nourishes, and repairs to fight multiple signs of aging.
- Anti-Aging, Extra Sensitive Skin, Wrinkles
- Best for Dry Skin; Suitable for All Skin Types
- Vitamin C brightens skin while repairing sun-damaged cells
- Peptide & ceramide combo rebuilds skin’s barrier & increases firmness
- Potent antioxidant blend wards off free radical damage & wrinkles
- Ultra-rich serum provides hydration while reducing inflammation

Okay, to be honest I only used it twice because it broke me out. I pon oso stupid a bit I didn't check the ingredients. I don't know why I didn't blergh I'm stupid. Anyways, the second most used ingredient in this product is dimethicone and I think I have mentioned this lots of times before, my face would break out if the product is a silicone/dimethicone-based. I would have cystic acnes and if I'm lucky, one big bump on my cheek lah and it's very painful.

Let's talk about the product itself. It's a silky kinda serum, actually I didn't expect it to be silky because most of serums that I see in stores usually oil-based, gel, and liquidy but not like a smoothing (silicone/dimethicone-based) kinda stuff ya know? It glided on my skin like a freaking dream but the next morning it was a bit of nightmare for me. I have few zits here and there and at first I didn't suspect this product because I have been PMS-ing like crazy and then I used it again the next night and I could feel there were a few bumps appeared the next morning. I'm like, okay. Maybe I need to check the ingredients, then when I did I'm like, Pah why so dumb one aoisdhaskldasd

I bought this in trial size because I am super confident that this product is gonna be BFF with my skin but unfortunately they hate each other :(. The full size tube is retailed for RM195 for 30ml and the trial size is RM55 for 5ml, but of course on Worthee site you would get more discounts.

I'm gonna be honest, this is NOPE for me. Ugh I don't why my skin hates dimethicone so fricking much. :/

Rating: 2/5

2. Paula's Choice RESIST Perfectly Balanced Cleanser
Rating: 4.5/5 on PC, 4.3 on MA

Clean and soft. Unheard of for an oil control face wash. Until now. This cleanser cuts through oil and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.
- Anti-Aging, Blackheads, Enlarged Pores, Wrinkles
- Combination, Oily Skin
- Lightly foams to easily remove oil & makeup

I got about 4-5 uses of the sample. That's quite okay lah. Can say it's enough for me to decide if I wanted to purchase the fullsize.

This cleanser has no scent, it's foamy but the lather ingredient they were using is not SLS of course, they used Sodium Lauroamphoacetate. It foamed quite well when I rubbed it on muh face and of course I was using my konjac sponge with it and it didn't disappear in my konjac sponge. You get what I mean or not? Lol. Usually with Cetaphil and konjac sponge, the product just decided to disappear because it's not foamy at all (duh)

This cleanser is gentle but it removed dirts and stuff on my face quite well. But but but, my face didn't feel as smooth as my Philosophy Purity. I mean it felt soft but it's not smooth? I don't know. It felt a bit "cleaner" I guess and uhm I don't know if its this cleanser or my skin behaving well the other day, it's not super oily as usual. Again, idk man. I don't know if its this or other stuff I'm using? Again, I don't know man.

The full size item costs about RM140 (190ml). I'm on the fence, I'm not sure if I should buy the fullsize or not. I still have to think cook cook. But it's a good product.

Rating: 4/5

3. Paula's Choice RESIST Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum
Link: Worthee Cosmetics , Paula's Choice , Makeup Alley
Rating: 4.5/5 on PC, 4.1 on MA

This weightless serum is packed with powerful antioxidants & skin-repairing ingredients to protect and nourish skin while fighting multiple signs of aging.
- Anti-Aging, Enlarged Pores, Wrinkles
- Combination, Oily Skin
- Vitamin C & niacinamide promote firmer skin & fewer wrinkles
- Potent antioxidants overturn free-radical damage
- Soothing anti-irritants reduce inflammation & help repair sun damage
- Weightless, silky serum dries with an invisible finish

I was looking at the word "silky" and I'm like NOOOOO is it gonna be like the other serum????? Ohhh noooo~~~~ But then I tried it, IT'S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuhhh, berpeluh akak.

It's definitely not a dimethicone-based serum, I mean it still has dimethicone but it's not super silky unlike the other serum. It has a different consistency and scent free of course and it's... Yellow. Hahaha. The sample size has 1ml of product so can you imagine how cheap aku jadi??? I only use so little sebab takut habis cepat but I used it few times and fortunately I got about 5 uses from this 1ml sample. The 4th picit, aku terpicit banyak. If I were to be careful with it maybe I got 6 uses out of it. Amazing??????????

I fricking love how it feels on my skin, it absorbed so fast into the skin. Usually my chin area mesti rasa tight but I don't have any issue like that. Used it under makeup, didn't melt at all. Safe to say that this serum will be in my wishlist and maybe in my cart in the future. LOL.

This serum price on Worthee Cosmetics is RM195 for 30ml. It is quite pricey but like I said so many times before, they always have special offers on their products so yeah I better get it if it's on sale!

Rating: 4/5

4. Paula's Choice RESIST Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator
Link: Worthee Cosmetics , Paula's Choice , Makeup Alley
Rating: 4/5 on PC, 3.3/5 on MA

A one-of-a-kind gel-lotion anti-aging moisturizer for normal to oily skin that provides immediate hydration while nourishing skin, creating a more even-looking skin tone and a brighter complexion, all while defending skin against environmental stresses.
- Anti-Aging, Enlarged Pores, Wrinkles
- Normal to Oily Skin; Combination Skin
- Advanced formula targets signs of aging & visibly improves pores size
- Vitamin C and Niacinamide brighten and smooth skin’s appearance
- Unique gel-lotion formula
- Use as the last step in any evening routine

Sample size is quite small, it has only 1.5ml of product.

This is basically a moisturizer and of course you can read all the claims above. I put there for a reason of course. :P

Anyways, when I put this on, it smoothed my skin. It kinda felt damn good actually. Like I've mentioned so many times before, I have dry chin area and it didn't felt dry at all! And not super tight! I did not expect a damn thing while using it, I was just hoping that it's a good light moisturizer for my oily combo skin and I fell in love with it.

I wore it for a couple of hours and my face did get oily but it was because I didn't set my face with anything when I'm at home. It happens to all of my moisturizers actually... I never set them with loose powder if I'm staying home. But then if I'm staying at home, I don't wanna use a pricey moisturizer... Ya know... I'm so kedekut eyh...

This one is quite pricey as well, it is RM165 for 50ml but if you're lucky you can get lots of discounts of course. I still have to think cook cook on this.

Rating: 4/5


So out of all 4 products that I've tried, I really really want to try the Paula's Choice RESIST Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum because my skin didn't have any bad reactions and I wanna see how long and how good it is. I really wanted to try the cleanser and moisturizer as well but if I had a budget, I would.

So yeah. That is all for tonight. I hope you guys find this helpful in any way.

Thank you for reading.

Stay gorgeous <3


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