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Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Go-To Brushes

Assalamualaikum and hello pretty ladies!

So uhm... A friend requested (long time ago) for my go to brushes. Sebenarnya aku nak buat top 5 tapi it's fricking impossible when you have like more than 30 brushes in your drawer. So... Yeah. Hahahah so I chose 11 brushes. Tu pon aku dah fikir banyak-banyak cukup ke 11 ni HAHAHHAHA but should be enough. Kot.

Okay let's start with face brushes. Actually you don't need this much. I use different brushes for different purposes. I don't really like to use 1 brush for everything because nanti kena rajin spot clean everyday... I'm fricking lazy... Ain't nobody got time for that.


3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2

This brush came from the Travel Essentials set. Most RT brushes are in a set, but it's totally worth your money. Tapi yang ni aku beli Sam's Pick ke Nic's Pick tah yang penting dah takde sekarang. Tak ingat how much but it was around RM100-RM120 kot. KOT. Tak sure berapa. LOL. So mostly aku pakai brush ni untuk bronzer. I love this brush. Dia macam just nice je, tak besar tak kecik. Memang boleh buat macam-macam with this brush but I don't. Like I said, I don't like to use 1 brush for multipurpose use. LOL 

I only use this brush for contouring. I know it is supposed to be a blush brush but hey, you do you. LOL. Work with what I have je, aku malas nak beli brush just for contouring... It's pointless. LOL. This brush won't give you that chiseled contour look, but if you know exactly how to work with it, it should be fine. LOL. Here I am ajar benda sesat to beginners LOL

This brush came in with a set, the Sculpt & Blend set. I really love this brush. I use to apply & blend my foundation & concealer. Damn I love it so much. The brushes from this set are so soft & densed. I highly recommend this set sebab dia ada macam-macam jenis brush. The 5 smaller brushes tu you can use them for your eyes jugak.

I mostly use this brush to set my undereye concealer or any place yg aku letak concealer. It is a medium size so it's easy to use. It's also quite densed. This brush came in a set, the Core Collection. I also love the RT Buffing Brush that came with the set. I used to use it for buffing my foundation but since I found the BH cosmetics one, I stopped using it but I still love the brush.

5. Bella Powder Brush

I have been using this brush for so long, I think I bought it last year or 2 years ago? Can't remember but it was stinking cheap. Bought it from mysale. It was 80 something for 24 piece of brushes. Damn son it was a great bargain. So this powder brush is the only face brush yang aku pakai sebab aku still fikir nak beli ke tak large brush. But I kinda need a new one but you know I am still thinking about it LOL. SO this brush aku pakai to set my face with loose powder or any compact powder. Sometimes aku guna for blending blush, bronzer or contour. Can say lah this brush is multipurpose.

6. Bella Blush Brush

So the blush brush is quite nice. I really want the RT Blush Brush but no budget yet but I will buy it. LOL. These Bella Brushes are quite soft actually. It's not shedding, last a long time too. I mostly use this brush for blush only. For cream blushes, I will use my RT complexion sponge.

Moving on to eye brushes. Mehehehehe.

1. Bella Brow/Lash Comb

I always use this brush to comb my eyebrows before I fill them in. Aku ada jugak spoolie dia tapi spoolie dia macam bangang sikit so aku malas nak pakai. Huhuhu. So this one boleh la remove any foundation yang melekat dekat kening iols tu.

2. Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

I love this brush for applying my base eyeshadow. Mula-mula aku letak concealer and then I set it with any eyeshadow yang almost macam my skintone. I love this brush sebab size dia ngam-ngam untuk my eyelids and all. So yeah. This brush came in a set, the Starter Set. I love most of the brushes from the set.

3. Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush

This brush came in the same set as the previous brush, I love to use this brush in my crease. It is a bit harsh so lepas taruk eyeshadow tu aku blend in with fluffier brush (bawah ni) ya know. I love this brush it is densed and they're not shedding on me so that's good right.

4. Zoeva 228 Crease

So I heard so many good things about the Zoeva brushes so aku pon haruslah try and since I bought this, I cannot stop using it. I love it so much! It is not on the average price range but it is cheaper than Sigma brushes. Boleh kata dupe for Sigma brushes kot. It;s damn good. I love this brush to blend the shade in my crease ke apa ke it is just marvelous. Love it. Highly recommend it.

5. Real Techniques Accent Brush

Last go-to brush would be this Accent Brush. I use to smudge my eyeliner. Whenever I tightline my eyes, I must smudge them out sebab aku taknak depa smudge under my eyes. Geddit? Kalau aku tak smudge dia awal-awal, my eyes will look like a freaking panda. So it soften a bit la, takde lah nampak harsh sangat.

So out of all 11 brushes here, my top 3 must haves are powder brush, any multi task brush (for blush, bronzer etc) & a crease eyeshadow brush, if you're using eyeshadows. But if you're not, maybe a flat blending brush.

So yeah owning these brushes mestilah kena rajin cuci kan? I spot clean every 2-3 days and deep clean once a week. You know lah, lazy. Kalau nak cuci brushes kena spend a long time berdiri tepi sinki. Penat kot. Sampai kucing aku pon menyibuk duduk tepi tengok aku clean my brushes. So the way I wash my brushes is I rendam dulu dengan air + Johnson's Baby shampoo. Air tu macam 1-2 inci je sebab taknak dia kena dekat handle dia nanti senang tertanggal or shedding pulak. Lepas tu aku swirl it around on Dove Beauty Bar or kalau kotoran degil sangat aku pakai je my BlenderCleanser tapi aku cuba jugak taknak pakai that often. That thing is goddang expensive ok. Tu pon aku beli time sale 45% off but still EXPENSIVE. #kedekutpeoplebelike But Dove Beauty Bar works just well. Dah lah wangi. Then aku keringkan atas towel depan kipas hahahaha well janji kering dok?

Okay so that's it guys. I hope this helps you in any way. Thanks for reading. Buh-bye.


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