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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Beauty & Some Random Stuff Haul (31 Oct 2015)

Assalamualaikum and hello muh lovely ladiez and gentz~~~

So today I wanna share you my today's haul... Not a collective haul. I won't do a collective haul because sometimes I buy tons of stuff. Hahahhaa. Since I didn't update for few days now, I decided to post this one earlier. Pfffft.

Okay I went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi sebab aku nak carik some extra brushes for my "future" clients. Hahhaha. I already have so many eye brushes tp untuk face ada 8 je and like only 2 of them aku pakai untuk pressed powder and stuff. So I need to buy more powder brushes lah kan. Konon.


Aku mula-mula nak pegi Setia City Mall tapi sebab takde siapa nak teman aku (sobs) and jauh pulak aku pon malas lah. Then aku teringat Aeon kan ada Elianto... Pegi situ jela. Plus, Elianto brushes punya quality is quite good so yeah. 

Masa nak beli brush tu aku nampak "Buy 2 Free 1". Tanya dia apa benda yang B2F1 nya. Dia kata semua benda. Ambik 2 barang, 1 barang paling murah kira free. Aku pon he he he lah. So I bought 2 brushes, which is the Kabuki Brush and Face Powder Brush. The Kabuki brush is sooooo softttttttt. Ahhh love it. It was only RM35.90, okay lah kan. Face Powder brush pon RM35.90 and soft jugakkkkk. Weeee. The brushes are super soft, I bought the blush brush dulu pon memang aku still pakai sampai sekarang. Tahan lama jugak and takde shedding so far. Another item that I got from Elianto is the Brilliant Riche Lip Color aka Liquid Lipstick. Pfffft. I don't even like liquid lipsticks but since dapat free, why the heck not. I bought in the shade 04 Sexy. I haven't swatch it on my lips, but I will share a photo later on my Instagram. You guys can follow me there. @ffhsbdn LOL. 

Just comparing these "liquid lipsticks". Nyx & Collection is more moussey kinda texture and Elianto is more liquidy. Not sticky at all.

Top: Nyx SMLC in Antwerp
Middle: Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream in Cotton Candy
Bottom: Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Color in 04 Sexy

It stained! So you know it's long lasting and a bitch to get it off.

Then of course I went to Watson's. It's like my favourite place on Earth. Pfffft. I bought some stuff from Bourjois. More Bourjois Air Mat foundation in the shade 04 Beige & 05 Golden Beige. But it kinda sucked because Bourjois doesn't have more darker shades. But it's okay I'll work with what I have first. Pffft. Then I bought another Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer which is not necessary at all. And I bought the shade 52. Now I have all of the shades HAHAHHA. Mangkuknya Pah. Then I bought the Flower Perfection Translucent Smoothing Primer. It is a silicone-based primer, I just wanna see if it makes my makeup last longer or not. Will post the review okay. Huhuh.

Then some more random stuff. Bought another bottle of the Nutox Serum Concentrate because I almost running out of it. So just in case. Plus it was still on sale, for like RM59.50. Harga biasa RM69.85. Damn it was like only RM65.90 (before GST). Nasib baik aku sempat pergi hari ni. Kalau tak, nangis lah aku. Hahhahahaaa. 

Then I bought 2 Colgate Optic White in Plus Shine because I was using my brother's and I can totally see results like my teeth is whiter than before. I'm not ashamed to admit that I do have yellow teeth because I really like to drink coffee (religously) and now I only drink tea but still it can make your teeth go yellow you know. I bought 2 because I want to replace his tube, hahaha bad sister lah aku kalau tak ganti kan. Not that I use it until habis, just nak replace jela kang kesian dia pon nak gigi putih jugak pfffft. Satu lagi tube nak letak dalam toilet aku so takde lah kena share dengan orang lain #kedekut. Then of course nak maintain aku beli mouthwash dia sekali. Kalau tak putih jugak taktau lah. Pfffft. Takpa lah cuba dulu kot-kot memang betui jadi ke kan. Huhuhuhhuuhhuh. Then I bought the toothbrush lah... Aku suka gak ZigZag ni. Sebab dia ada tongue cleaner skali. Hohohohohoh. Murah pun murah so yeah.

Also got a free gift, this grumpy kitty. Whyyyy

Okay that's it guys. Thanks for reading kayh. Bye!~~~


Elianto Kabuki Brush (dammit beli online dpt 30% fffffffffffff)
Watson's - Colgate ZigZag Medium (Mine is the Buy 2 Free 1)


  1. Wohooo..this is a lot of fun. I heard other great review about the Kabuki brushes from local youtuber, Evangeline Hawa and saw how the brushes work in her tutorial. I'm so impressed with these Kabuki brush collection. Now you two made me want it so bad. Hahaha. Plus, the price is affordable. Next, the Nutox serum is very good as always. Yeahh, so cool you have all the shades now for Borjouis foundation. That really works to have so many shades from the same range coz you can mix, blend two colors together, lighter to darker shade to get more beautiful, perfect dwi color that suit skin tone the best. :D

    1. Yessss they're amazing! Super soft! I dah pakai lama blush brush tu tak shedding pon!

      Tapi tu la Bourjois tu not dark enough.... Kalau ada darker mmg i beli dah.

    2. Belum ada semua shade lagi! no 1 & 2 takde lg hehehe :P

  2. Wow, i'll check the link you listed to get the Kabuki brushes collection. Thank you so much.
    Yeahh, happy to play with the colors and find the perfect and beautiful shade for you ;)