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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Swatches: Essence Silky Touch Blush

Assalamualaikum and hello everibadiiiiiiii <3

So I have been collecting this Essence Silky Touch blushes for quite some time and they're like so effin cheap so why not? LOL. I really really love these blushes, they have great quality, pigmentation. Everything about em are just perfect!

I think these blushes cost about RM16.90, if I'm not mistaken. Don't quote me on that, I only buy em whenever ada sale, you know why. LOL. They have few shades that looks quite natural on me, I don't have any bad things to say except of course the cheap packaging. Well, what do you expect Pah. Hahaha. Oh and it comes in a 5g pan. So I guess that's good right? Well, you won't be able to finish up a blush in a short time kan? But overall, I really love these blushes. They're my baesssss. So let's let's.


(Pls note that I am not a profeesional swatcher, so I am sorry if it looks off or awful. I am sorry ok?)

Description: Light warm pink, satin
Suitable on: Fair to light medium skintone

I really love this blush for everyday. It looks very natural and cute. Hahhaha. Cute. Well it is. But unfortunately I dropped this and it shattered but I fixed it. I fricking fixed it. BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I know la it's cheap I can just buy another one but I don't wanna waste my friggin money LOL

Picture of me wearing the blush -

Description: Light soft peachy pink, satin
Suitable on: Fair to medium skintone

This blush pon quite natural on me. It is more pink than the Adorable one but still looks pretty natural. 

Picture of me wearing the blush -

Description: Neutral peachy-pink with warm brown undertone (can say lah it's a bronzy shade)
Suitable on: Fair to medium deep skintone

I actually love this blush even though it can pass as a bronzer but I don't really use it for bronzer. It still gives you that natural look. Ya know.

Description: Plum shade with gold shimmer
Suitable on: Fair to medium-deep (maybe) skintone

This blush is gorgeous, it is pretty shimmery but hey don't care. You don't really have to use this much because this blush is very pigmented so a little goes a loooong way.

I don't have a pic wearing this blush but when I do I will insert here ok ? Cowie <3

Description: Peach blush with a hint of pink
Suitable on: Fair to light medium skintone, for deeper skintone maybe as a blush topper/highlighter

I just bought this blush like few weeks ago. Not sure if I have been using this on camera. It is a bit shimmery but it doesn't really appear on my cheeks as much. It gives you that natural glow and peachy flush ya know. It is almost similar to Babydoll but Babydoll has more pink in it. If I'm not wrong. I'm really bad at describing colors.

It looks like a natural peachy flush on me. 

Description: Pale, cool-toned peach (satin finish)
Suitable on: Fair to light medium skintone

Summer Dreaming is almost similar to Nyx HD Blush in Soft Spoken but Soft Spoken is lighter and does not appear on my skin at all. It is similar to Adorable too but Adorable is more pink. I use this everyday in my after solat pouch. It looks very natural on me.

Will insert pic later alligator

So yeah. I guess that is it. Thanks for reading!



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