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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Beauty & Some Random Stuff Haul (November - December 2015)

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! Hahaha

IT'S THURSDAY! YAYYYY and tomorrow is a public holiday so lepak ler dulu der doh. So uhm... I bought so many stuff this month because it's my birthday month. I know I shouldn't buy so many stuff but I just can't help it. HA HA HA. So let's!

1. Watson's Haul


Didn't buy that much stuff for this round because I don't really need to buy stuff? Duh? So uhm yeah I bought the evening primrose oil just to help with my female reproductive organ and all I should not explain too much you guys can google LOL. 

Also repurchased Simple Facial Wipes coz it's life. I mean, come on. It's a necessity. LOL. I bought the Himalaya Lemon Face Wash. It is for oily skin... I hope it's not gonna break me out... Then I bought this L'Oreal Mat Magique BB Essence coz everyone's raving bout it so I just need to try it. I used it twice, it was okay but too sheer... But it was okay. Then these Watson's Body Scrubs are on sale, buy 1 get another 1 at 30% off... So that's why you see there are 2 of em... LOL.

Last but not least, 2 lipsticks! WOW! HAHAHA. I bought the ZA Vibrant Moist Lipstick in BE222 because it has the most gorgeous peachy brown nude. It's not long-lasting but it's moisturizing. Another one is the Maybelline Velvet Matte Liquid Lip Color in MAT12. It has a very beautiful nude shade, but unfortunately it's not long-lasting at all. I expect it to be like the Bourjois Velvet Matte but it's not. But the color is gorg so it's forgiving lah kalau tak long lasting pon. Oh and I got another free lipstick from the beauty bag, it's the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Pout. Swatches below.

2. Luxola Haul

Black fucking Friday. Well, actually it was Black Thursday for never before discounted brands like Urban Decay, Make Up For Ever, Benefit, Becca Cosmetics... But I didn't have money because belum payday, which was freaking sucks. But whatever. Decided to buy Sigma brushes, F40 Large Angled Contour and F15 Flat Definer along with Sigma Gel Liner in Wicked.

Used the gel liner couple of times and I actually love it. I never bought any gel liners before so this is such a great product. I should try the Maybelline Gel Liner 1 day. Hohoh. I bought the F40 because I just want a nice angled brush ya know. Hahaha. I did used it for contouring and it's quite okay lah. Not too chiseled lah, nice. Another one is the F15. Okay too be honest with you guys, I bought because of Jaclyn Hill. Hahahaha. She always use this brush to put eyeshadow along the lower lashes... Hahahaha I LOVE IT. HA HA HA

3. Guardian Haul

So uhm... Yeah. These were on sale, only some items actually. That L'Oreal True Match was not on sale. LOL. So I bought it because I wanted a "powder foundation". Coverage is light to medium. Repurchased Maybelline Master Liners (Black & Brown) because I love em so much and these two were 2 for RM20. Normal price is RM16.90 each. Love em. Haha. 

Also bought another mascara because you can never have too many mascaras. Hahaha. Last item is the Maybelline Color Tattoo. I already have 2 of these and I love it. Will post review soon... So yeah. LOL. Swatches below.

4. Golden Rose Haul

Okay so for these round... I blame it on the impulsive buyer Pah. HAHAHA. So I was browsing through Golden Rose website because I see lots of new stuff on there, oh and now they sell brushes weh! HNNGGGGHHHH! Then I checked lipsticks lah kot-kot ada no 10 & 12. AND THERE THEY ARE. IN FREAKING STOCK. So I just gotta have it. Nasib tak tengok benda lain. Kalau tak hmmm memang habis lah. HAHAHA. So no 10 punya description is Matte Dusty Pink and no 12 is Matte Dark Dusty Pink. Swatches below.

No 10 is almost a dupe for the Colourpop Frida which I think I won't repurchase just because it's quite pricey here for 1g of lipstick (USD conversion and stuff made it pricey). But Frida has more of a peach (KOT), I don't think you can see here in the swatches but it's totally different but can say they're dupes for each other. No 12 is more on the purple and red tones kot kan? I did swatch it next to Mac Brave. Also swatched it in between of Wet n Wild Spiked With Rum & Wet n Wild Wine Room.

5. Daiso Haul

RANDOM STUFF HAUL! Hahaha. I bought like a small organizer, well it's actually pen holder but anyways. I put my makeup sponges and stuff. So yeah. LOL. Then I bought this small red trash can. Hahahaha I don't know why but it looked pretty funny to me. Hahahhaa. AKU PON XTAU NAK LETAK APA SEBENARNYA HAHUADJKSAS. Lastly aku beli a candle... Supposed to be vanilla scented but it's quite faint. But hey it's 5 bucks so what the heck LOL.


I guess that's all I wanted to share. Hihihi. It's a lot of stuff but it's collective so... Yeah. Okay hope you enjoy this. Thanks. Bye


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