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Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Makeup Stash: Lip Balms

Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely readers.

Yayyy another makeup stash post! I do enjoy writing them but if there's so much stuff, I'm like NOPE. Coz I am a lazy mofo. Hahaha. 

So for this month I would like to share my lip balm stash since I have too many of them... I personally love lip balms. I know some people said that once you use lip balms, you will always going to need it. Like, they're not really necessary. Uhmm. Yeah tried that, I just can't survive with dry lips. Even before I got into makeup, I just really have to own a lip balm. So that being said... Let's just jump right into it. LOL

You know actually lip balms are good for you. They keep your lips moisturized and safe from UV light. You know you must protect your face from UV but your lips need sunscreen too. I tried so many times to moisturize my lips with just licking it but it didn't work that way. Your saliva is not a moisturizer... No, Just. Nope.

I loooove lip balms. I have my own preferences of lip balms. I love moisturizing lip balms, like very pleasant on the lips. I hate sticky, greasy, just sit on your lips kinda lip balm. Especially Vaseline. OMG. I don't know how people actually use it as a fucking lip balm because it does not help my lips at all.

Description: Tinted lip balm - reddish tone (in a pot)
Price: RM15 (on MYSALE)


This has been my favorite lip balm, hands down the best lip balm I have ever tried. But unfortunately, it's not available in Malaysia and it is really hard to find it online except some Russian online shop... Weird thing is, this Mades Cosmetics is based in Netherlands, I don't get why this brand is so underrated. In my opinion, they have great body care products. They have lots of range. I was lucky to get them on MYSALE for 15 bucks. And this pot I have been using it since April and it is December, like what almost 8-9 months and there's like still half in there. Well maybe less than half but who cares. 15 bucks that can last almost forever, why the fuck not. Oh it smells pretty good. It says "Berry" but I don't think it smells like a berry. Maybe it is. I don't know. LOL. (I only know what strawberries & blueberries smell like)

Description: Tinted lip balm - purplish tone (in a pot)
Price: RM15 (on MYSALE)


I actually bought this for my hantaran so that's why it is untouched as you can see. LOL. Smells fucking awesome, Again, not sure what it smells like coz I don't think Guava smells like this. LOL. Gatal je tangan aku nak sentuh but no pah, don't. DON'T DO IT. Also from Mades Cosmetics. Well, it said at the pot can last up to 24 months after opening... So... Yeah.... Hahaha.

Description: minty lip balm, duh (in a pot)
Price: RM28 at muse by Watson's (but got 50% at that time hihih)


I talked about this in my previous haul, go check em out here. It's like EOS lip balm but square. Hahaha. TBH, I never bought any EOS lip balms as they are quite pricey and small... And some people said they're just an overhyped product. Anyways, it was on sale of course I have to get one kan. Hahahah! I freaking hate the packaging hahaha. Kalau salah tutup nanti habis lip balm punya shape dah tak cantik and tak perfect hahahaha. Anyways, it's minty but not that moisturizing. It has that oily and slippery feeling to it... No like. PASS.

Description: Non-tinted lip balm, well maybe there's a tint but can hardly see LOL - peach scent (in a pot)
Price: RM20 (brother bought it for me from South Korea)


Smells so effing great but, BUT, BUT... Unfortunately it is not moisturizing AT ALL. When I dipped my finger into this, it was quite hard so I swirled around to warm it up but it took a long time. Then, when dah warm, you can really feel the consistency is not that thick. It is quite light but oily. I do not like light texture lip balms. I think they are drying. Well, personally I would choose thick texture because my lips are quite dry and can get pretty uncomfortable. So I put this on for like less than 15 mins, I wiped em off because I just can't deal with it. It was too drying for me and too oily on my lips. Not a pleasant feel on your lips. Idk, hate it. I might give it to my sister or my brother. Hahaha. Coz I hate it. Packaging's cute, mehhh product. Would not recommend it. Unless if you like a very light lip balm. Here you fucking go.

Description: Has a green tea outer layer (bullet form)
Price: Unknown


I got this for free together with the SimplySitti My First Lip Balm. This lip balm is quite moisturizing and it's actually has a pink tint after a few mins. I don't really taste the lip balm but some people said it does taste like green tea but I don't know. I actually love it. It's a pretty decent lip balm but I don't think this one sells at your local pharmacy... I can't find it. Maybe it has been discontinued. But it's really good lip balm. Kalau ada jual lagi, memang aku recommend this lip balm.

Description: Shea Butter Oil, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera Extract and Jojoba Oil with a hint of orange scent (bullet form)
Price: RM16.85 (Guardian)


Okay. This is a beeswax lip balm. You know what, to be honest I fucking hate this lip balm. As you can see, it freaking melts. Like wtf. My room isn't that humid. Well, actually it is but this is freaking ridiculous. It has a pretty good ingredients but it is too damn oily for me. It does keep your lips moisturized but I don't like the oily feeling. Just. Nope. No. Oh and I do those lips swatches and in between swatches aku pakai lip balm ni, my lips didn't feel dry but I don't know why it made my lips plumper. LOL. Maybe sebab lip swatch kan. Entah ler.

Watermelon Smooth

Description: Non-tinted lip balm with a light scent (bullet form)
Price: RM11.55 (Watson's)


This is the only lip balm that I keep on repurchasing, like since college. I cannot live without this. I love all scent except Dr Rescue and the tinted ones. I bought the tinted one (Baby Lips Glow) before and it does not has the same formula as the regular baby lips. It was quite drying and my lips are like very crumbled, I hate it. So I threw it away. Also tried the Baby Lips Color, that one was quite okay but it's too greasy for me. This Watermelon Smooth has a different formula than the other ones, if I'm not mistaken because it is not greasy and oily as the other ones. Maybe they changed the formula already. But I really love the regular baby lips. NOICE!

Description: Tinted lip balm - pinkish tone (bullet form)
Price: RM12.90 (not sure if it's still available or not)


I actually got this for free coz I spent tons of money at Watson's the other day. I don't think it's available anymore because I checked everywhere and I can't find it in any Watson's or Guardian website. So this one has pretty pink tint. Not my favourite because it's tinted. LOL. It's too pink. I no like. But it is okay I guess.

Description: Lemon scent (bullet form)
Price: RM19 on Luxola 


Okay so this is quite pricey for a lip balm, but I did got in when it was on sale so yeah. Hahaha. I really would like to try it as it is a cruelty free & vegan product. But unfortunately... It's not moisturizing on my lips... It is too slippery and oily. I do not like it at all. Might give it away. The smell is okay lah.

Description: Cream (duh), non-tinted (tube form)
Price: RM28.90 (Guardian), RM28 at Sasa


I don't use it that much because I wanted to use up my other lip balms first... As you can see I have lots of em. LOL. But I did used this a couple of times, just to make sure it's good. It is freaking awesome. Yes. AWESOME. It's quite thick and creamy, I think it's more suitable to use it for nighttime. It's really moisturizing, it does not just sit on your lips. I really love it but I just don't want to use it for now. Wuuuu. I'll see you soon my baby. <3 It is available in a bullet form aka typical lip balm tube LOL. Can check it out here. Dang it's not that cheap yall. RM24.90 for 4.5g, well no thanks alright.

Price wise, quite affordable because it has lots of product in 1 tube, 15ml. Same amount as the Mades Cosmetics lip balms. If you do the maths, this has like 0.5 oz and other lip balms in the market has less than 0.2 oz and there are some of them that costs almost 20 bucks like the Mentholatum Lip Pure and Crazy Rumors. They cost almost 20 bucks but so little product. It sucks that it does contain paraben... But I love it... Izz goodzzz... Haishhh


I don't really have great tips on how to keep your lips moisturized but I know what I have been doing works for me. I only use lip balms and I do scrub my lips every time I brush my teeth. FYI I brush my teeth 2 times per day. I do not make any DIY lip scrubs because duh, lazy as fuck. I used to but mehhh. Hahaha. Anyways I will leave any important links down below.

My top 3 lip balms: Mades Cosmetics Lip Balm, Maybelline Baby Lips and Avene Cold Cream Lip Cream.

So I think that is all of them. LOL. I hope this helps you in any way possible.

Thank you for reading!~~

Good day!



  1. Yassssh. Definitely going to try the Avene cold cream- lip cream after reading your review because my lips tend to chapped like fricking desert. Any mentholathum balms doesn't work for me though. Lagi teruk mengelupas n dry yg smpai berdarah. Huhu. Ooh, have u tried burt's bees balms. So far i tried pomegranate, the non tinted ones. Okay juge la. Keep up writing reviews pah! Recently discovered yours and mlm2 b4 tdo mmg bace je. Hahaha

    1. YESS AVENE one tu mmg bae habis. Yeah dont waste your money on mentholatum lipbalms. haven't tried burt's bees! sbb slalu macam "ala byk lg kat rumah takyah beli lah" hahahaha.

      Weeeheeee thank you for the nice comment. my readers are the only reason why i update my blog hehehe thank you <3

  2. Mampu pakai vaseline je skrg ni. Hahahaha. Dulu2 suke baby lips mango pie n mentholatum maxi lips. Nk try watermelon baby lips plak la pasni. I gotta wear lipbalm 24/7 on my lips. If not could die kot. Hahaha. So need something cheap to maintain meyhh.

    1. i xleh pakai vaseline sbb its drying... tak jadi apa pon... kalau mades cosmetic punya lipbalm tu ada kat sini i rekemen yg tu sbb bagus and tahan lama huhu

  3. my wife love this lip balm, when she used it her lips has a little color on it a little bit pink, last a long time, she still have this until now since i purchased this.. she loves it...