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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Swatches: My Top Wearable / Everyday Lipsticks

Assalamualaikum and hello beautiful people!

So as promised, here is my "Lipsticks that you can totally rock everyday" list. LOL.

Anyways don't have time for long intro. Let's get to the swatchy swatchy stuff!


Muh lips without lipstick on

Arm swatches (magic second photo takdak lipsticks merata2 LOL)

Description: Warm mid tone nude pink with a satin finish
Suitable for: Light to medium skintone, deeper skintone boleh comes off as a nude kot

I really love this lipstick. It looks so soft and sweet. Gituuuuu. Haha. Plus it is not overly pink so can pass off as everyday lipstick lah kot. Pffft.

Description: Pinky mauve
Suitable for: Light to medium skintone

I use this everyday. It's my favourite everyday lipstick. I think I mentioned this a few times before. Anyways. Love the shade, almost an MLBB shade.

Description: Matte Nude Pink / Mellow Pink
Suitable for: Light to medium skintone

Well, it's n00dz. Not actually everyday lipstick but wearable nude shade.

Description: Matte Nude
Suitable for: Light to medium skintone

Also n00dz but this has more pink so you won't look like a dead ho.

Description: Warm brown with a hint of pink
Suitable for: All skintones (Deeper skintone will look like a gorgeous nude lipstick)

I love this lipstick and I think the shade looks really gorgeous on every skintone (try google-ing swatches on deep skintones, so gorgeous). This is a must-have for me. Not too light, not too dark. Also an MLBB shade. Hah!

Description: Nude grey-ish brown
Suitable for: Light to medium skintone

Also great for everyday. It's brownish nude but if you pair it with pink lip liner, it's gorgeous. So yeah.

Description: Warm nude peachy brown
Suitable for: Light to medium skintone

Beautiful everyday nude lipstick. If you're not into matte lipstick, you guys can try this ZA lipsticks. They're quite moisturizing.

Description: Deep warm nude
Suitable for: Light to deep skintone

This shade is almost similar to WnW In The Flesh. On me it looked deeper nude but still wearable. This will look gorgeous on deeper skintones.

Description: Blue-toned pink shade
Suitable for: Light to medium skintone

It's beautiful pink... Suitable for everyday of course.

Description: Peachy nude shade
Suitable for: Light to medium skintone

I really love this shade. Totally an MLBB shade. BEAUTIFUL!

Description: Pinkish brown nude
Suitable for: Light to deep skintone

Also, similar to Bourjois Nude-ist & WnW In The Flesh. LOL. But this lipstick is sooooo drying and crumble through out the day.

So I guess that's all I want to share. Hope you guys find this helpful. Weeee.

Thanks for reading!


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