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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Q&A: How Do I Clean My Brushes

Assalamualaikum and hello muh lovely readers~~

How are ya guys doin'? I'm so happy that my blog is growing now. I know I don't have much followers (I have literally like 6 followers here) but I know I have my loyal/silent readers lol. Thank you so much for keep supporting my pretty lame blog. Hahaha. Without your support, I might leave this blog with no updates and whatnot. Just let it go dusty and stuff but hey I won't! Pfffft that's a long intro well whatever.

So today I just wanna share my way of cleaning my makeup brushes. It's not weird at all, everybody's doing it. LOL. Lets get into it!

My must have cleaning supplies/tools: Clean towel, brush cleaner egg, 1 mini bucket, 1 long plastic container, baby shampoo (I use Johnson's Baby) & Dove Beauty Bar (now I'm using Protex Bar Soap)

Ewww so durrrtaayyhhh

Okay. First I put a lil bit of water in the long plastic container with baby shampoo a pump macam tu. I rendam my brushes in there but the water tak lebih sampai dia punya handle la. Just as long as kena all the brushes equally. Memang sikit jela air dia.

Then I bukak water tap and let the water kumpul in my mini bucket, that way aku tak membazir air while cleaning my brushes. Not that I have to pay for the water bills. (We got free water bill every month hahahahhahaha hail Selangor) Before anyone asked, tak mandi ke? Hahaha mandi banyak kali pon air tak exceed RM10. Well that's because I am the "only child" now. I still live with my parents though. But my siblings aren't staying at home. LOL. Off topic.

Then I take 1 brush and swirl it on the Dove Beauty Bar. Lepas dah macam soapy tu aku swirl pulak dekat brush cleaner egg. This egg aku beli kat Daiso. 5 bucks and 30 sen so why not. LOL. It helps so much lah. Kalau aku cuci pakai the palm of my hands, macam takde lah bersih sampai dalam-dalam brush tu sental apa semua. Tapi pakai egg ni memang sampai dalam pun boleh sental without damaging the bristles. Plus after that, kalau swirl lagi boleh lah remove excess water dekat brush tu. Takdelah brush ko totally basah masa letak kat towel. Tah lah korang faham ke tak ayat aku ni. Hahahhahaha.

Swirl the brush here first and then the egg to remove the dirts yall

I don't really jemur my brushes under the sun because I always wash them at night. So I put up a freaking fan to let it dry faster. Hahahahahaha. That's the easiest way I can think of.

Why I use Dove Beauty Bar? Well, I did some research to find what's the dupe for Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser and this Beauty Bar came up. Okay I don't buy the solid cleanser but I got it with the Beauty Blender PRO on Luxola. Masa tu ada sale so I was lucky to get it at RM60-RM70 macam tu kot. I loooove the solid cleanser but it is so freaking expensive for a brush cleanser. It does work really well but I don't think RM81 is worth it. Come on. RM81 ok. Kalau RM18 ok lagi. Jaskjdlasjkdkslda. Cheapo mode. I know some people use anti-bac soap to sanitize the brushes. I think using regular soap also can kill the freaking bacterias. No diff pon. You guys can read more here. But actually now I am using Protex Bar Soap because I was lazy to go out and buy the Dove bar so aku tengok apa yang ada dekat rumah je. I find that Protex works better than the Dove Beauty Bar mainly because it is not as moisturizing as the Dove one so dia lebih effective dalam menanggalkan kekotoran pada berus tersebut. LOL.

Okay so how many times I wash my brushes per week? Once. Hahahaha. Coz I'm a lazy ass mofo. You know that. Deep cleaning once a week, spot cleaning in between pon tengok mood. Kadang-kadang memang takde spot clean pon sebab jarang pakai ? LOL. Tapi tulah tengok mood lah. Kalau bukan once a week, aku cuci ah every 4-5 days ke. Hahahaha. I have so many brushes, so kalau rasa macam taknak pakai hat tu pakai hat lain. That's why jadi once a week. LULZ.

Tadaaa clean and shiny brushes

I don't have like special techniques or whatever I think most of other people pon pakai the same method. I just don't like using olive oil just because they can feel really oily and I hate that oily feeling. Oh and also I use Antabax Hand Sanitizer Spray to "sanitize" my brushes and the handles.

Just a tip to keep your brushes from shedding, while washing em make sure you don't get the water on the brush head lah. Kalau tak nanti cepat tertanggal/shedding. And don't tarik tarik on the brush head lah while rinsing them ok.

That's pretty much it. I hope you guys find this helpful.

Thank you for reading!


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