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Monday, March 14, 2016

My Opinion on Kabuki Brush Set

Assalamualaikum and hello my pretty ladies weee

So uhm, yeah. Ok here we go. I just wanted to share my opinion, I feel like I need to say it. As you all know, kabuki sculpt and blend brushes are quite trending for some time now but do you really need those set? What? Why leh?

First of all, don't bash me. LOL. This is only my opinion, I have nothing against those kabuki brushes and whatnot. I actually have 1 set of those brushes. Now, why am I writing this piece of crap? I just wanna tell yall that yall don't really need those brushes.

Of course you guys can buy whatever the heck you want, but this one is for those not so heavy makeup wearer out there yang rasa-rasa macam nak spend beli sculpt and blend brush set. I'd say skip it, spend it for brush set yang ada semua macam BH Cosmetics, Morphe, Elf etc ada 10-14pc brush set. From face powder to eye blending brush, like literally it has everything and enough for your own collection.

Out of the 5 large brushes I have, only 1 brush that I used the most. I wear makeup every single fricking day and I only managed to use 1! Yela it's sculpt and blend like how many times per week you actually sculpt your fricking face? Takkan hari-hari nak ber-cream contour kan? Hahaha. Itupon aku buat untuk apply foundation and concealer if I don't feel like using my Beauty Blender (sebab malas nak damp kan dia)

For me the brushes aren't that convenient to use for eyeshadows apa semua sebab they're so densed, it's hard to blend the eyeshadows and whatnot ya know. Out of the 5 small brushes, to be honest I only use 2. 1 for nose contouring and another 1 for blending eyebrows. That's it! You don't need to buy 10 brushes just because everybody's buying em ya know?

Like I said before, get the normal brush set instead of the sculpt & blend set okay? Ok.

Yeah, that's all I wanted to say. Ok.

Thank you. Goodbye.



  1. Betul I agree with all your opinions. Ada byk lagi makeup brushes yg worth it. Sendayu Tinggi ada quite a good range of makeup brushes dorang release haritu. The one in set, mmg limited edition, tp kt watsons tgk mcm banyak lagi tinggal. Single brushes pun ada. Quality pun not bad

    1. hehe actually kabuki brush set tu pon murah jugak, high quality. kalau jessup tu rm60-rm80 ke berapa tah tp ada 10 ketul so kira rm5-rm8 sebtg... tp tulah, brush tu function dia bukan boleh pakai for everyday huhuhu tu maksud i...