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Sunday, August 28, 2016

20 Random Facts About Me

Oh hi.

Assalamualaikum and hello everibodi!

I might have to skip this month's favourite because I simply don't have and even if I do it was like 2-3 items je. I'll share it in my Instagram lah kot. And since I missed like 1 Sunday post already, I feel like I cannot miss another one ya know? And I have no inspiration to write the Skincare basics so yeah. Gonna put that on hold. In the mean time, please enjoy my random facts about me because I just don't know what to do. LOL

1. I collect 50 sen, old, new, don't care. As long as it's 50 sen, it's going into my tabung.

2. I'm super giggly in real life, hence the LOLs and Hahahas in my blog. I know it does not sounded serious or "professional" and all but I'm not going into a serious direction. Reviewing stuff should be fun. I'm not gonna be a serious asshole, I prefer being a funny asshole ?

3. I have a day job, which makes it even harder for me to actually take some time to write reviews and I tend to forget which product does this, which product does that and so that is why I took a really long time to actually write a review on something.

4. My name is not Papot, obviously. It's Iffah but my siblings always teases me "Ipah Ipot sakit semput" so yeah. Pah-pot, lama-lama jadi Papot. I wanted to put the name makeupbypah on my blog / instagram but Pah is such a common name, so I'm Papot. Nice to meet you.

5. I learn how to apply makeup through Youtube. From foundation to blush to bronzer to eyes, everything from Youtube. On weekends, I spent hours of watching and trying it on myself. I started watching Youtube fulltime in 2012 maybe? Or maybe it was 2013. I cannot remember. But it didn't happened overnight, of course there were some ugly ones. LOL. But try to practice lah. It's a lot of work. Trust me, I'm not a creative person so it's quite hard for me to match what color looks good and whatnot.

Pah in Dec 2013 (I did this makeup look as a joke tho)

Pah in June 2016

6. I can say that I am socially awkward. I do not know how to start a small conversation. I don't even talk that much, except on my blog of course. LOL. I do not like people... But Pah people I like aiusdjkasdklas. I am actually shy in real life, which makes no sense. I know. Friends on the internet do not believe when I say I'm shy. Wait, am I a cat? Maybe.

7. I do not want to jinx it but I have never break any bones in my body. Because I'm very stealthy~~~ *disappears*

8. I curse a lot, I used to write F words but since my blog has expanding... I... Changed them... Heh... Heh... Hehhh...

9. Wireless mouse > USB mouse. I mean come on. Hahaha omg this is totally not a fact but F I hate rats/mouse blerghhh geli lipas pon aku geli. F lipas or any binatang terbang. F em.

10. I am a middle child, I have 5 siblings. I have an older brother, older sister, younger sister and younger brother. Complete kan?

Yang paling cute tu aku lah~

11. Used to be a night owl, I would lepak all night or watching TV shows all fricking night. Ughhh I kinda miss those days where you don't have to worry about shit aoidfjlasjkd

12. Speaking of TV shows, I am a dang TV shows addict. I don't watch TV (Astro, Malaysian channels), I just watch TV shows from US... #matsaleh

13. I listen to metal music and other people always assume it's black metal... Even though it's a fricking metalcore... How? Why? Do not fricking know. I listen to other music as well, I'm not into specific genre. Anything good to listen, I'm down with it. Classical, instrumental, pop (but not K-Pop tho), rock, hip hop, R&B, yeah anything that has good tunes, I'm like, HOOK ME UP. Some of the songs that I listen to, I don't even care about the lyrics. I just love the music.

My Deezer:

14. I have been in a relationship with my husband for more than 5 years now. Just got married like almost 4 months ago. I'm pretty glad that I didn't get married earlier because I was not ready 100% to have someone else staying in my room. Yea, we know each other for quite some time but still... It's pretty weird having someone else inside your room, sleeping on the same bed. So fricking weird.

15. I prefer staying at home than going outside unless if I need to buy something like makeup... Food...

16. I am a certified crazy cat lady. Hahahahaha. I actually have lots of cats before but then there was a virus outbreak and most of them died... :'( I have one kitty that sleeps with me every single night since 2012, her name is Katy. Yang korang selalu nampak dalam gambar tu dia lah. Hehe. She's 4 years old, she's my best friend, my everything. Her name is actually Siti Khadijah but I just call her Katy sebab Khadijah macam sopan and she's not sopan at all. If anyone tanya when are we gonna have kids, I'm like, bitch. I already have a kid and her name is Katy. She's always gon be my baby.

My garang gurl

17. I am a tea person. #sobritish I do drink coffee but Nescafe jela. I know some people do not acknowledge Nescafe as coffee hahahaha but who the f cares still taste like coffee whatever~

18. I am not an organized person but I know where I put my stuff like celah ni ke celah tu ke and biggest pet peeve is when people move my stuff and put em somewhere else... Blergh hate it.

19. I do not like when people yang suka makan on their beds... Like why? Why would anyone invented a dinner table for us to eat on our beds?

20. Refer to point 16, I sometimes communicate in cat's language with my sister... Yea we meow at each other a lot. Sometimes a full sentence. Hahaha. Sometimes I accidentally "meow" when I wanna say "excuse me" ahsduiajkd habit.

So yeah. That is all.

Thank you for readin



  1. No.8. I do notice the difference between then and now ������

    1. Hahahhaha! Terpaksa la nnt kang org ckp apa plak kan. Hejdixjjajskdkd