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Sunday, December 18, 2016

First Impression/Review Using Items I Don't Use/Forgot To Use/Recently Purchased (14 Dec 2016)

Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely Pah people!

Ahaahhh. I know... I have been slacking these past few weeks. I am just so busy with my work and I don't have time to write and I'm like not inspired at the moment. Huhuh. So whatever.

Since I (LOL) like what I did earlier on items I recently purchased post, I felt inspired to do more of these. I have lots of makeup items that I hardly use or forgot about it or just recently purchase so I compiled all of them in this post hence the long title. Hahaha

I showed you guys how I did the makeup look on my Instagram stories last Tuesday, sorry if you missed it. Maybe I'll compile it, maybe I won't. We'll see how. Anyways, links here:-


1. Essence All About Bronze Eyeshadow Palette
Link: Essence

Eheh. I'm supposed to post a full review on it but then I thought wasn't worth any of my time and I'm like hey why don't I just post here ya know... Okay.

I can't say it's worth it or not but the eyeshadows in this palette are all shimmery. I don't see myself using it even for my lids because it's just not that good. It is a cheap palette, and the shimmers aren't that bad but it's not like metallic ya know. I prefer a metallic shadow over shimmery shadow. I personally use this as a highlighter when I don't feel like putting a blinding highlight on muh cheekbones ya know.

Well, if I'm being totally honest, don't buy this palette. If you're like me, go get Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows. They have amazing quality and blinding eyeshadows as well. LOL.

Swatches below:

First row

Second row

Used the shades from far left side

Rating: 2/5

2. Makeup Geek Contour Powder Pan in Bad Habit (Warm Fair)

So I decided to buy the Contour Powder from Makeup Geek because my Benefit Hoola bronzer almost hit pan... Belum habis lagi pon but I'm like so anxious takut cepat habis and Benefit products are pretty pricey for me so I went on Twitter to ask what's the closest to my favourite Benefit Hoola and someone replied Makeup Geek Bad Habit. So I browsed beautyhearts by Ferra Rossa because they sell readystocks online and I saw it and I just bought it without thinking twice (also bought an eyebrow brush LOL). It is my first item from Makeup Geek.

So when I got it, I straight away swatched it and it was sooooo buttery but but but it has lots of kick off. But I haven't use it on my face so I figured, maybe it's gonna blend nicely on me.

The first time I used it on my face, I didn't like it at all. It was patchy and I just don't like it all. It swatches beautifully but on muh face it was like meh. Then I used it the second time. Same issue, it was so patchy I'm like, OUTTA HERE.

Then I tried using it again for the makeup look and I really tap the shit out it, like really tap tap tap the excess powder off, and BAAAAMMMMMM!!!! NOT PATCHY?!?!?!?! Maybe I didn't tap my brushes 10000 times that's why it looked so patchy. It was really easy to blend, I think you only need to use like the smallest amount and tap off the excess and you're good.

Since I knew how to use it properly, I really love it! It compliments my skin so much. It is a "Warm Fair" and surprisingly it looks good on me. I am NC25 in Mac so yeah. It has a cooler tone than the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Hoola has more warmth in it but I love them both and the Makeup Geek is cheaper than Benefit so I think I might invest in Makeup Geek products for my makeup kit. They have good quality products, I love it.

Swatch comparison

Rating: 4/5

3. Silky Girl HD Brow Liner - Dark Brown

I have been dying to try this brow pencil but then it was like more than RM20... For Silky Girl brand that is like pretty pricey... #cheapo So I waited patiently and finally got a bit of discount 10% pun jadi lah so takde lah aku pay for the full price, again #cheapo.

I wish there were lighter shade because even dark brown is quite dark on me and not suitable for everyday use ya know. But totally safe to say that it is worth every penny. For RM22.90, this sure feels like freaking RM59.90. I love this, it's not super creamy and not super waxy. It glides so easily on your brows and I feel like I have so much control while using this pencil.

Seriously, if they have a lighter (not orangey, warm) shade, I would totally use it for the rest of my life.

Rating: 4/5

4. Pontian Periwinkle Glitter from @glitters.my_

I mentioned it in my previous fave post. You guys can check it out here. These glitters are amazing, it is a gel consistency and you don't need a glitter glue/primer to use it. Just spread it like butter (as the founder said) and ahhh they're so gorgeous. I never used this color before, I only used the other 4 shades that I have. Ughhhh I'm definitely gonna buy the Gunmetal shade that they have. UGHHHHHHH #thestruggleisreal

Rating: 4/5

5. Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette - CorAll I Need
Link: Catrice , Guardian

So yeah. If you're following me on Instagram, you would know the full story about this palette and Guardian. LOL. I'm not gonna story story again because I'm just damn tired. LOL.

I believe they have 3 diff palettes, this one is more Coral Pink palette, the other ones macam bronzey and pinky kinda blushes ya know. I read some reviews that the pigmentation is not that impressive but when I swatched em, it's quite pigmented! It is a stiffer formula but it's not powdery, it blends beautifully on my skin. I really love it. I looove the middle shade, it is a coral with a bit of pink blush. The other 2 shades I haven't really try yet but I will let you guys know okay.

Rating: 4/5

6. Bourjois Rogue Edition Velvet - 10 Don't Pink of It
Link: Superdrug

I have been eyeing this liquid lipstick for so long but I never bought it because like I have mentioned so many times before, I fricking hate liquid lipsticks. But I don't know why, I just put it in my cart without swatching it.............

It is a muted light pink kinda shade? Oh man I don't know. It's nude obvi. LOL. I love this shade, it is soooo gorgeous. I hate liquid lipsticks but whatever. LOL. It can be pretty sticky if you apply on top of lipbalm so I always wipe off any excess. Formula is not that great, it transfers but I love shade so whatever.

Rating: 3.5/5

7. Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer - 3-BY
Link: Clio

It comes in a box with sharpener and 2 concealer pencils

Fuhhh. So I saw this in easyneon's Youtube video and she mentioned about this concealer being high coverage and all and I'm like okay I need that so I bought it. It is freaking pricey but not like high end price lah but still, concealer RM70 something? Are you freaking kiddin me aiosdljkasdasd. I never bought concealers more than RM30 kot except the Mac Concealer Palette but that's for my clients so yeah. LOL.

If I were to compare the price with other high end products, of course this one wins. It's like half price kot for high end concealers. It is super high coverage okay. Like you need only small amount. I used this on my face as my "foundation" and surprisingly my face didn't look super oily after few hours. Usually after 4 hours pon dah macam discoball and it's not patchy at all!!! I am amazed by it. I definitely wanted to try the Nars Creamy Concealer and compare them both and I think I will post a full comparison review between those two. Wait til I get my hands on the Nars concealer lah rasanya lambat lagi kot 😭

Rating: 4/5

8. Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara - Browny Brows
Link: Essence

Yayyyy finally bought the right shade for my brows LOL. I have both of the Make Me Brow mascara (Browny & Blondy)

Well, it's a great formula and cheap but I prefer the Blondy shade because if I overdid it, it won't appear but if I made some mistakes using Browny shade, girl, you do not want to know. It was a fricking disaster. I mean it wasn't that bad but if I have bushy brows maybe I would love it.

Rating: 3/5


Nah last kopek

So yeah. Thank you guys for reading.

If you have any recommendations please just leave a comment or tweet me.

Stay gorgeous! <3


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