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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Swatches: Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipsticks

Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely ladies!

First of all, I just want to say thanks to all of my readers. We've just reached 10,000 blog views! I know, it's not a lot... Belum tahap retis lagi... Siapalah aku... Anyways thank you so much for your support. Without you guys, I won't be here... I am a lazy ass... Updating my blog 3 times per week is a lot of work. But I wanna do it for you guys ya know. Thank you again. You guys are my fayahhhh!

So for tonight's post, I feel like doing something different. So yeah, let's welcome "Swatches" series on my blog! Yayyy *clap clap* Since I already posted a mini review on this particular lipstick brand HERE and hauled more of their lipsticks, I figured why the heck not lah share swatches pulak kan. Let's get startedddd~~~

#lipstickgoals (no.. not enough lipsticks to have goals)

Okay so these lipsticks takde nama shade pon, just lipstick code. As I mentioned in my post yang top 10 fave lipsticks tu, these lipsticks are velvety matte. It is not as drying as other matte lipsticks but it is quite dry on me but I don't really mind. Boleh kata lah these do not feel cheap at all. It does not smell bad at all, which is freaking awesome. I actually only have two of these lipsticks then ada 20% off Merdeka sale hari tu so I took the opportunity to buy 5 more. Yep. 5. Well, it's quite cheap... RM19 each... I just have to buy em ya know... Muahahahahha. So the swatches below are without lipliners. I usually apply lipliner but I want you guys to see the true shade here. So yeah. Enjoy.

#squadgoals (everything must goals nowadays)

L-R: 27, 21, 16, 07, 05, 03 & 01

**new members weee

Swatches on muh lips

Description: Matte Pure Nude

I think this is like a nude peach (with a hint of brown) kinda shade. Love this shade <3
I always paired it with any pink lipliner but on its own pun I suka. Very pretty!

Description: Matte Nude Pink / Mellow Pink

Nude peachy pink on me. Love this shade <3
Also paired it with any pink lipliner. On its own pon cantik je. Eee cantik!

Description: Matte Hot Pink

This is more like a bright hot orange/coral on me. It's not pink at all. On me. LOL
I don't really wear bright lipstick so I will tone this down with any nude lipgloss or nude lipstick.

Description: Matte Baby Pink

Nude baby pink on me. Love this shade <3

Code 10

Description: Matte Dusty Pink*

I LOOOOOVE THIS SHADE SOOOOO MUUUUUCHHHHHHH. It's kinda wam pink kinda lipstick and ughhh I am obsessed! No wonder this lipstick is always out of stock!

Code 12

Description: Matte Dark Dusty Pink*

This is like the darker version of no 10, I don't really like it that much because it is kinda dark but it's so dang gorgeous! Maybe if I feel like going darker, I will wear this lipstick. LOL.

Description: Matte Dark Nude

I don't really know why I bought this... Because I've seen people saying that this is a dupe for Mac Taupe. I don't even wear this kinda shade but hey whatever could come in handy one day LOL

It looks like my Revlon lipstick in Rose Velvet. Yep. The shades are pretty similar. Hahaha

Description: Matte Coral

I love Coral lipstick. So I bought this. This looks pretty similar to no 5 but no 5 is brighter. 

Description: Matte Nude

I think this shade is like 03 but pinkier. LOVE THIS SHADE <3
This lipstick is going into my everyday pouch!

Code 30

Description: Light peach (white-based)*

I don't really know why I bought this but I feel like buying like really pale lipstick to use with a very pink lipliner or gloss. I don't know lol. Even though it is super pale, but it's still super opaque and pigmented. Gotta give this a 5-star. I know a few pale lipsticks that aren't opaque and VERY patchy but this one is just fricking awesome.

 *latest addition (yes I bought them with my own fricking moolah)
(updated 20/02/2016)

I think the nudes are on point, they're goddang beautiful. They're like perfect nudes on me.

If you wanted to buy these lipsticks you can but them on or visit their store at Sunway Putra Mall because on the website takde swatches. Kalau google pon susah jugak lah nak carik swatches so that's why I wanted to share these swatches with you guys.

They have almost 30 shades if I'm not mistaken, so yeah go check em out. Kot-kot ada dupes for pricey lipsticks yang korang nak ke kan. Huhuhu.

Thanks for reading! Buh bye




  1. Omg omg all the nude shades really on point! Lepasni kena beli buat collection dah. Heehehe. Tq for ur effort making all this. Sb I dah lama cari lipstick gini at affordable price

    1. YESSSSS you're not gonna be disappointed with these lipsticks. Formula's amazing!