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Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 2015 Favourites

Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely readers!

It's almost December. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It's my birthday month! Hahaha I am so excited! If only I got birthday discounts at Sephora... But I don't think that's happening. LOL. Ahhh I freaking wish!

Anyways, I don't want to babble much much so let's get started!

Let's start with makeup. Surprisingly I only have 2 makeup items for Nov fave. LOL. I do use other stuff but they are already in my other month's fave, I'm not gonna repeat fave unless if I like em so much. Ok.

First item is the Bourjois Flower Perfection Translucent Smoothing Primer. I have been enjoying it so much this month. It's not really that great but it controls the oil on my face a bit so that's okay I guess. Well my face still looks like a greaseball. Can't freaking help it. But it's nice to put it in on your face and does not break me out.

Swatchy swatchy

Second and the last item is the Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color in In The Flesh. I did posted a swatch on it here. Go check em out. Pffft. I really love this shade, it's an everyday kinda shade. Of course people would know you're wearing a lipstick but you're not like, look dead. LOL. It is a warm brown with a hint of pink. If I feel like it's too much for everyday, I'll blot it with tissue to tone it down. Huhu. Anyways, love it. It's totally included in my "lipsticks that I can totally rock everyday" list. LOL. Hey I should do 1 post of that list... I will... One day. LOL.

Now, skincare products. Also I don't have much... I use what I always use... So yeaaa..... Okay.

First item is this Hiruscar thingy. It is a scar removal gel. For this kind of product you have to be very rajin to apply, if not then hmmm memang tak hilang. I can actually see my scars are actually fading. I do have lots of scars on my face, acne scars. Pffft. Dah tua pon masih berjerawat. I actually put this twice a day kalau rajin and I can really see it's working. Tapi bila dah lama tak pakai, dia macam tu jela. LOL. Is it drying? Not sure but I think if I applied this gel, my skin macam ada texture. So tak berapa syiok lah. Price wise, a bit pricey. Tube kecik pon dekat RM20. Kalau rajin pakai memang cepat habis tapi memang nampak result. Tapi okay la kot daripada Dermatix tu memang mahal nak arwah. Takde la arwah tapi mungkin jantung berdebor kot. But it really works on me. Just have to be patient because I used it before and I didn't see shit. Now I see shit's happening on muh face. Good stuff.

Last items are The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream and The Body Shop Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser. Okay. I decided to get this Seaweed range because it was on sale for 20%. I have been eyeing for this range for quite a while and you know me lah only buy The Body Shop products when they're on sale je. Hahaha. I've been using them for this whole Oct-Nov month and oh em gee. I love em so much! The Mattifying Day Cream is not that mattifying but the texture is not gonna make your skin really oily. It's not actually cream, I think it has a bit of gel texture. Very light on your skin, sinks in really fast into your skin. Now the Purifying Facial Cleanser, this cleanser jenis yang tak payah pakai air punya. So whenever aku rasa lazy as fuck, I will reach for this and I have no breakouts langsung. I only use this cleanser if I just wash my face for less than 5 hours. So cara aku pakai is aku sapu terus kat muka without water and wipe off with clean cloth then tadaaa so refresheddddd. It is scented, not strong but if you guys jenis tak tahan bau yang agak lingering ni try bau dulu lah. Huhuhu.


Random faves! I have food, home stuff, stuff and stuff. LOL

Food: I have been obsessed with Sangkaya coconut ice cream like omg if you guys haven't eat Sangkaya ice cream, you all have to run to your nearest Sangkaya like right fucking now. It has the most delicious and most creamy coconut ice cream ever! But also pricey... Hahaha. Not pricey lah kalau ambik hat biasa tapi aku suka ambik Signature sebab... Ada isi kelapa... Siapa taknak weh.... JHasiodkjasdjlasd. Ok ok so aku pi la Tesco ngan adik aku saja jalan-jalan beli barang then pi kat ice cream section, macam pi heaven. Then kitorang ternampak lah this Magnolia Coconut Ice cream (1.5L). Terus ambik asjldjaskldjaksda. Dah lah less than RM10. Lepas tu kitorang try lah... Ya ampon... Sumpah sedap... Tapi Sangkaya lagi sedap lah. Ni pon creamy tapi quite sweet lah bagi aku. So if you are broke and craving for Sangkaya, you can just buy this Magnolia Coconut Ice Cream and make your own toppings and stuff. OMG. Sedap gila!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to make a smoothie with pomegranate but my smoothie blender kiok already. But this taste so fucking good. Also mixed it with kiwi... Fuhhh sedap!

So uhmmm you guys know that I am getting married soon and I haven't even start to diet and exercise.... OMG malas gila. Hahahahaha rasa macam dah redha je. Tapi nak nampak kurus. Eh ko ni Pah. So I have been taking this Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Tea Peppermint. Aku penah minum detox tea and let me tell you, the experiences were just so fucking bad... For my anus at least. My tummy burns, my anus burns, I cannot. But somehow this Kinohimitsu one takde sakit perut sangat. Ada tapi tak kerap. Macam takde lah sakit gila ke apa ke and takde rasa nak terberak like masuk jamban tak sempat bukak seluar ke apa ke (eh bukan aku lah terberak). It's quite delicate, well takde lah kurus terus pon. Aku cuma nak something to detox je. Huhuhu. But iz goodz. I like. Sorry TMI, not sorry.

*image from Google

Now onto random stuff, I am loving my candle from Typo (Quote Candle). It is vanilla scented, I love vanilla. Who fucking doesn't?  It smells really freaking good, like you wanna eat the candle but you can't. But you wnat. But you can't. It smells really delicious. Oh my god I'm hungry. SO GOOD. And the smell stronger than IKEA candles yang vanilla tu. It is a soy based candle so it's really soft... LOVE IT SO MUCH. NEED MORE CANDLES. Plus jar dia pon cun siot. Boleh kumpul. HOHOHHOOHOHO.

TV series! I have been enjoying Marvel's Jessica Jones. Tengok trailer macam takde lah menarik mana. Then I watched 1 episode terus hooked! Aku taktau lah nak cakap macam mana or what's the storyline blablabla it's not like your any other Marvel's series (in my opinion). I love it. Absolutely brilliant.

Now, onto music. It has been pretty much the same for the last few months. Still loving Deafheaven - New Bermuda. If you like black metal / blackgazing, should check em out. No, they don't sing about religions and stuff... Pffft. Okay so for November I have been enjoying Insomnium's One For Sorrow album. This is from 2011, yeah old stuff but it's good. I love it. Rasanya lagu depa sama je dengan album yang lebih baru tu, Shadows of The Dying Sun. I love "Song of the Blackest Bird", "Through The Shadow", lagi apa tah taktau pretty much listen to all of them. It's good it's good. If you like melodic death metal, I recommend you to listen to Insomnium. Ok. Of course you guys can check out my little playlist here at the right sidebar... LOL

I guess that's pretty much everything. Yes, tak banyak but I can feel December nanti banyak gila benda fave baru ha ha ha ha ha ha ok ok ok.

So that's it guys. I hope you enjoy this lame post. Pffft.



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