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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review: L'Oreal Mat Magique BB Essence

Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely readers <3

It's Review Tuesday! Yayyy! OMG does that mean I'm going to post 3 times this week? YES, YES I WILL! But for this week extra special sikit lah. I will post 2 reviews, Tuesday and Thursday and on Sunday maybe I will share my 2015 Skincare Favourites. MAYBE lah. Dunno yet. We'll see lor.

Okay so today I wanna share my thoughts on this L'Oreal Mat Magique BB Essence. Kinda intriguing because it has like liquid and powder in one so yeah. Let's jump right into it~~


The 1st powder-in-essence bb infused with volcanic perlite for a flawless matte finish that lasts 12 hours.


This is the laziest ingredients list I have ever seen. Well they do have it on their box but who even keep frickin boxes... Not me... Ok...

Infused with volcanic perlite minerals that acts as a natural yet powerful sebum absorbent for a 12 Hour Fresh Matte Wear.


I actually bought this because a twitter friend of mine kept raving about it and she has oily skin too. Tapi taktau lah oily dia macam mana nak compare dengan aku. Kahkah. I just realized that this product only has like 20ml of foundation... Whaaaaa. Patutlah affordable... This retails at RM39.90, if it was on sale you can get it like RM35 macam tu or cheaper. Oh I'm in the shade R1. There's like only 3 shades available, N1 which is the lightest shade, R1 medium shade and R2 is the darkest they have. Tapi semua pon macam tak sesuai for deeper skintones. Only for Light to Light Medium skintone je..................

So the consistency of this foundation is basically watery/liquidy coz it's frickin essence... And you have to shake it well before using it... Duh... Hsjdklajds. It reminds me of some toner I used before masa sekolah dulu. Dia toner campoq dengan powder. So kalau pakai tu bila kering muka jadi berbedak lah. I liked that product. I can't remember what brand was it. Rasanya brand mak mak kita pakai dulu-dulu lah kot. Avon ke Nutrimetics ke apa tah lagi.

The coverage? I'd say it's VERY sheer. If you have like lots of blemishes, spots etc on your face, you kinda have to cover em with concealer. I have scarring on my right side so whenever I use this foundation, I basically have to cover the acne scars and my undereyes. The packaging was okay lah for me. I think it's easy to bring around because the bottle is tiny and pretty thin.

Not blended

Blended, no difference leh

Staying power? Zero points for me. Hahaha. I have an oily face so this does not stay on my face unfortunately. Since its finish is powdery, it's not waterproof. (Of course Pah -_-) Okay, to be honest I am the type of person yang minum botol air jauh daripada mulut sebab aku pakai lipstick. So aku malas nak lap lah dekat tempat tutup tu. And sometimes shit happens, so I get water all over my face and my tudung which I don't really mind at all, I know I'm clumsy. So kalau pakai foundation ni memang tak selamat lah. My chin nanti akan ada spot yang terkena air tu. Hahaha so it was pretty obvious. Kalau clumsy macam aku, takyah lah pakai foundation ni hahaha. And because of that too, I don't use this foundation for everyday. I only use it whenever I have to go some place dekat-dekat tapi aku nak melawa jugak. Hahhh gituuuu.

To compare this foundation and the ZA Perfect Liquid Fit Foundation, it's totally 2 different texture and consistency. Even though the ZA is "water-based" but the consistency is thick as hell. Coverage wise, sama je rasanya. Both of them are sheer. But the Mat Magique gives a little bit more coverage kot.

Oh okay, can we talk about the applicator? Aku taktau aku macam duk bayang foundation ni patutnya ada lubang macam toner tu hahahaha. Apa benda. But the applicator okay je tapi entah la macam tak patut ada pon takpe. But it's pretty useful tho. Some people say it's not hygienic but hey it's your own face leh. Takpon letak la at the back of your hand dulu takpon letak atas makeup punya piring apa jadah tu kan senang. Pffft. Either way, it's fine for me but takde pun takpe. Hahaha.

How do I apply it? I use beauty sponge, I think it gives better coverage than a brush does. I don't know if I used a brush before but I'm comfortable with just using the Real Techniques Sponge.

Masa ni nak gi tempah baju tapi aku nak melawa sikit so aku pakai foundation ni but with concealer around my cheeks and nose and undereyes. LOL

What's on muh lips: ZA Vibrant Moist Lipstick in BE222

Pros: Lightweight, affordable, travel-friendly

Cons: Not a full oz (usually foundation is full 1oz, 30ml)

Final thoughts: I think it's a pretty decent foundation for beginners. If you don't like having a cakeface, try this foundation. If you wanted to even out your skintone, try this foundation. It's good. I'm only not saying it's a great foundation because of its coverage and staying power. I love everything else about this foundation. You don't really feel like you're wearing something you know. Really lightweight, iz good iz good.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

So yeah. I guess that's all for tonight. I hope this will help you in any way.





  1. hi pah. accidently drop to your blog during searching for after shave balm.

    thank you for your kind and sincere. I am really looking forward to read review from Malaysian coz it feel really near to heart. lol.

    by the way, thanks again for your review. have to go and grab the after shave balm now (how I wish the sensitive one available at Malaysia too.. :(.



    1. Hi Suhaila

      Thank you for your comment. Hahaha hopefully I will be rajin to update lah. Hahaha. I hope you really do enjoy my lame blog...

      Yep, but some people cakap the original one sesuai with oily skin and sensitive one sesuai with dry skin... I xtau lah... huhuhu