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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Clear Mineral

Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely readers!

I've been thinking about whether to post this review or not, because I'm not sure this product is still in
store or it has been discontinued. I seldom see it at Watson's so I'm not sure. But I really wanna tell you guys how awesome this powder is so... Let's!



Effectively covers both pores and spots. Mineral powder for a beautiful complexion and perfect for finishing and touching up your makeup.

Features & Benefits
• Covers pores and uneven skin tone. Can be used as a light foundation to cover freckles and spots naturally
• Long lasting, beautiful finish all day long without unwanted shine
• Gentle on skin
• UV protection
• Rose scented

How To Use
1. Take an appropriate amount onto the puff and apply on desired area
2. Do not throw away the transparant film in the powder base
3. Keep the puff clean

• Do not use when there is cut, inflammation, and other facial disorders
• Discontinue usage and consult a dermatologist if signs of inflammation, irritation or discomfort appear
• Avoid contact with eye
• For external use only


So I am supposed to post this review like a month ago (I mentioned about it on my instagram in June 2016 LOL) but I was just so busy and like I said earlier, I didn't know if this product still exists or not. Sebab banyak tempat aku pergi macam asik takde je then recently I went to Watson's, Sasa, tiba-tiba banyak pulak stok dia. So now I know la it's not being discontinued. LOL.

I didn't really care about this Kiss Me brand because I have never seen other people raving about their products. But I was looking for pressed powder and I don't know what is it about that intrigued me and what led me to take it home.

This powder retails for (if I'm not mistaken) RM52 (7g). Yes, it's pretty pricey for a drugstore brand. I mean I don't even know if it's drugstore or what even Maybelline pon mahal kat sini -_-

This powder is quite light if you see it in the pan and it has a bit white cast because it contained silica. As we all know, silica is one of the best mattifying ingredient in any forms of powder. So if you're oily babes, I suggest you buy face powder that has silica in it.

Comes with a mirror and a puff, packaging is pretty bulky

Anyways, let me show some pics on how it stayed on my skin

This pic was taken at 10.39am, only put the powder on the right side of my face (your left)

2.41pm - After 4 hours applying the powder. My left side has a bit oil coming through, but my right side of the face still looked pretty bomb

3.58pm - After 5 hours++ still looked pretty good. My left side of the face looked pretty disgusting LOL

Ewww side

I get good 5-6 hours if I use this powder. Between the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder and this one, I prefer the Kiss me one. I mentioned in my Innisfree review that the Innisfree powder left like a weird feeling because of the corn starch in the powder (to replace talc maybe)

I'm not sure if this powder has talc, I threw away the fricking packaging LOL because it was so fricking bulky and I don't have time for that.

Mattifies your skin for more than 5 hours
Easy to apply with the powder puff

Has flashback/whitecast - not gonna look great on deeper skintones

Final thoughts: Despite of the not so affordable price, I would totally repurchase this powder. It's one of the best mattifying powder that I have ever tried. I'm not sure how it's gonna look on your skin so if you guys jumpa tester dia, you guys try lah dulu. I cannot guarantee it will suit your skintone. Even on me pon nampak macam a bit hantu sikit so I still have to be careful with it. But seriously, it's one of the best mattifying powder I have ever tried. Not regretting any second.

Rating: ★★★★☆

So yeah. That is all for tonight.

I do have one more review scheduled on Thursday since I am going to be away for Team Building. LOL. Not sure what to post on Sunday tho. Hah.


Thanks for reading!

Stay gorgeous! <3


Ifairycon - don't buy from here, buy at Watson's okay - this one so expensive


  1. Sis, nak tnya. Ni packing dia putih kn.. sma sja ka dgn yg pakcing hitam tu..

    1. Xsama rasanya. Yg hitam tu powder yg ada kaler , yg ni xde kaler hehe