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Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 2015 Favourites

Assalamualaikum and hello muh pwetty ladiessss <3

Yayy it's October and lagi 2 bulan birthday aku! Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha kbye. Well. Macam biasa, I'm going to share my Sept faves.

Beauty faves

1. Sleek Face Form in Light

So I bought this like few months ago at Luxola of course. This is like a palette, ada contour shade, highlighter & blush. I love this very very the much! Even the contour shade is quite warm but it's okay lah. Not so bronzy lah but can use it as a bronzer as well. The highlighting shade pon cantik jugak! The blush okay la, but it has a sheen in it so I... don't really go for it coz it's shiny ya know. LOL. Full review coming soon. When I don't feel like a fricking snail lah. LOL.

2. Golden Rose Bronzing Terra Powder in 103

So yeah ya know I hauled lots of stuff from Golden Rose and I bought this bronzer. This is a big ass bronzer. This shade is quite warm but it's not too warm so it looks kinda natural. I don't really know how to say it but it is not pigmented so your face won't be so orange-y looking. LOL.

Top: 51
Bottom: 53

3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer - Shade 51 ; Shade 53

Supposed to write a full review of this product but uhmm I've been busy but uhmmm. Okay whatever. This concealer is amazing at covering up stuff on yo face. It is quite thick and very pigmented. Boleh kata jugak it has the same consistency as the Mac Pro Longwear Concealer. Well, I will post the full review and compare them both so just watch out for that. Hahaha

4. Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick in Shade 01, Shade 03 & Shade 27

If you guys haven't see my swatch post for these lipsticks then please go see em here. You guys, these lipsticks are amazinggggg! High quality and cheap! The perfect combo of all. LOL. So I kinda bought like 5 more lipsticks from Golden Rose and the ones that I really love is the shade 01, 03 & 27. Yes, they're all nudes. I don't care. They're just so fricking gorgeous! Like, everyone was always asking what's on muh lips. They're on muh lips! They're so gorggggggggggg! I am eyeing for the shade 12 but I think it is similar to Mac Brave. There's lots of dupes korang boleh carik. Just search for the swatches je. Hohohoh.

5. Mac Sheen Supreme in Gotta Dash!

So I was watching Kathleen Lights video and she mentioned the Mac Huggable Lipcolor Soft Talkin, omg it is so gorgeous. But the price also so gorgeous, I didn't think I am going to waste so much money on that. Then aku pi lah kat Temptalia kot kot ada dupe for this lipstick and ada! This one! Actually aku taknak beli pon. But this Sheen Supreme pon RM76 kat Mac Boutique. Tapi adik aku pegi Mitsui outlet and I asked him to go to the CCO kat sana. Then aku tanya lah yang Gotta Dash ada tak. ADAAAAAAAA!!!!! So aku suruh dia beli. Hahahhaa. I think it was RM56 ke RM57 tah tak ingat but dekat-dekat situ lah. I know, still fucking pricey for a lipstick yang agak sheer. But I don't care. It's a beautiful, very natural shade. Even though korang tengok dalam tube macam, eww looks so orangey coral. But when you apply them on your lips tak pon sebab dia quite sheer. But I love this so much I cannot live without it <3

Zoeva brush: 228 Crease, 230 Luxe Pencil & 231 Luxe Petit Crease
Golden Rose Waterproof Lipliner in 51
Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara

6. Golden Rose Waterproof Lipliner in 51

I love this lipliner. Well I love the Golden Rose lipliners, they are amazing! This shade is so gorgeous, macam rosey pink sikit so it's quite neutral la can go with any nude lipsticks. Hohoho.

7. Zoeva brushes

So I ada story story sikit dekat My Go-To Brushes post. The 228 & 230 brushes, aku beli lama dah tapi aku terlupa nak include in my August faves. Hahaha. So I want to mention them in here because they are such amazing brushes. I really love the 228 Crease brush for blending and senang gila nak blend stuff and it is quite soft. I think this one synthetic kot. Ke? Tah. Hahahhaha. Then 230 Pencil ni mostly aku pakai for putting eyeshadow kt bawah mata lol. I cannot think of the english word... Under my eye? LOL whatevs. It's great for blending under your eye jugak so yeah. Then this 231 Luxe Petit Crease actually I got it for free sebab I bought 3 Zoeva brushes the other day then Luxola bagi free 2 brushes. The 231 Luxe Petit Crease & 223 Petit Eye Blender. But I am mentioning 231 because it has been my fave to pack in eyeshadows in my outer corner. It is soft but it is quite densed so... Yeah. I love it for that purpose...

8. Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara

I bought this like a loooong long time ago tapi aku tak pernah pakai sebab rasa macam takde purpose aku pon taktau kenapa aku beli benda ni. Then I started to do the feathery eyebrow look and this gel memang power ah. Dah lah murah. My brows stay in place, I have no issue at all. I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHH

9. The Body Shop Seaweed Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator

Welcome back, my fave exfoliator of all time. HAHAHAHA. I decided to buy it jugak sebab I cannot deal with other scrubs, I just can't. I want some good stuff ya know. Then masa tu before Merdeka kot ada sale kat The Body Shop, beli 3 dapat 15% ke 10% tah. So aku beli lah. Hohohoho. Sekali dengan Vitamin E Night Cream & Vitamin E Eye Cream. Reviews coming soon. Don't worry. LOL. Ahhh, I really love love love this exfoliator. I know, the price is quite pricey tapi I cannot lah. Dah try yang ni I can't go back to other scrubs. I. Need. This. In. My. Life. Ok.

* while searching body shop exfoliator on the website, I "accidentally" clicked the SALE page and I just ordered some stuff so yeah oh crap

10. Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops

Aku memang suka beli eyedrops sebab my eyes are quite dry. Well, not so dry lah but not comfortable. Lagi-lagi pakai makeup, I just need some moisture in muh eyes ya know. It's good, doesn't sting my eyes. So yeah it's good it's good.

11. Watson's Wet Tissue - Green Tea

I actually never bought any green tea stuff from Watson's sebab takut bau tak sedap but this one bau sedap gilerrrrrrrrrr. Dia bagi free 1 paket so aku pon try lah pakai. Bau sedap gilaaaaaaaaa... Serius. Kalau dah boring dengan kaler-kaler lain, you guys should really try this one. Hihi. Love it <3

Aku tak pernah try lagi night cream from Bio-Essence so aku beli lah yang ni. It is a sleeping mask but technically night cream lah kan. When you wash your face the next day, I tell you lah, you feel like you got good sleep last night you know. Your skin feels very like supple, gituuuu. And I love the texture & consistency. Very nice. Don't worry, I will post a full review soon. Wahahaha.

Random faves

Okay guys. September is totally my fave months sebab banyak citer mat saleh new season premiere huahahhahahahah sronok uols!

The Office US: I know, slow-fukken-poke. Aku baru jump in this bandwagon. Hahahaha. Aku taktau kenapa aku rasa aku nak tengok. Maybe sebab semua orang duk sibuk kata The Office kelakar. Aku cek imdb dah sampai 9 season terus aku rasa malas nak tengok. Tapi I don't know why the other day I feel like watching some hilarious worth watching comedy series so I decided to download the whole series of The Office US.

Jim & Pam 4EVER <3

And I am hooked. Aku dah sampai season 6 nak masuk season 7 dah. Haaa terer tak. Aku tak tengok citer lain sangat aku tengok The Office je, kadang-kadang sanggup tak keluar lunch semata-mata nak tengok Jim & Pam. OMG YOU GUYS CAN WE TALK ABOUT JIM & PAM???????!??!?!? THEY ARE SO PERFECT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAA LOVEEEE!!!! Apa-apa pon memang lawak nak mampos lah, you guys kalau rasa nak tengok citer klaka nak mampos & bangang boleh try The Office US. Hahahahhahaha. GOOD LUCK.

UnREAL: Ada member rekemen suruh tengok UnREAL. Mula-mula aku macam tengok malas-malas sebab masa tu aku takde mood sangat so aku layan 2-3 episod je. Tu pon aku rasa macam tah pape. Lepas tu aku sambung tengok sampai habis season 1 and I was like "WHAT THE FRICKING FRICK". This series is fricking nuts! Pi lah tengok kalau rajin... Ok.

Inside Out: Hari tu pi tengok movie dengan adik sebab macam stress gila so aku pi tengok Inside Out ya ampon cute nya nak mampuih! Macam main game yang guli-guli dekat PC dulu... Apa nama Zuma ke apa tah. Ehhh comel lah! Yang jadi Sadness tu Phyllis Smith & yang jadi Disgust is Mindy Kaling and both of them were from The Office! Hahahaha comel gila.

So I have been streaming from my laptop to my TV using this EZCast thingy. Dia macam Google Chromecast tapi much cheaper ah. Hahaha. Aku malas nak beli Chromecast sebab taktau nak beli kat mana and mahal. Yang EZCast ni murah gak. Beli kat Lelong dapat la RM77.90. I bought from this seller - CLICK HERE. So you guys can check that out. Lol.

This month, aku takde banyak favourite music sangat but I searched for what I listened to in 2006-2009 hahahaha so banyak gila lah lagu campoq-campoq. Entah la. Takde featured artist bulan ni. Korang pi lah tengok playlist aku yang terletak di belah kanan blog ni. Ok.

So yeah. That's it guys. Damn that's a lot of stuff. Thought it was going to be sikit. But anyways. Thanks for reading!



  1. Have u tried the body shop tea tree squeaky clean scrub? Confuse meh maw beli yg tu or the seaweed exfoliator.

    1. Tak penah pulak! Huhuhu I really love the seaweed one mcm taknak beli lain dah hihihhihihiihih