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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Empties/Products I've Used Up #10

Assalamualaikum and hello pretty people!

Empties no 10. LOL. Empties posts are basically my lazy updates. LOL. Anyways. Lets!

1. Playboy Play It Sexy Body Mist

Haha. I bought this like a loooooong time ago and I don't why I didn't throw it out. Hahaha. Maybe sebab sayang kot. Biasa lah pompuan kalau benda tak habis kena simpan sampai boleh habis hahahahhaa. Anyways, I love the smell. Punya dah lama sampai body mist ni dah takde. Ke ada tapi aku tak perasan. Aku jumpa EDT dia je. Hahaha. Whatever. I love the scent. It was quite strong but okay lah boleh lah.

2. Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap

"AHA Botanical Body Soap is enriched with fresh Fruit Extracts to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Papaya and Grapefruit Extracts help breakdown dead skin cells to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Ginseng Extract rejuvenates while Oat Protein soothes sensitive and irritated areas. Excellent choice for those with problem skin on the back, chest and shoulders. Leaves no soapy residue and smells heavenly."

It was a pretty decent body wash. Felt so refreshed but this is like a small sample but I do feel so clean after using it. Not gonna buy the full size as it is pretty pricey. I got it for free from Luxola. Hihi.

3. Yves Rocher Sebo-Specific 2-in-1 Lotion

"Ideal as a complement to purifying cleanser: Mattifying Toner completes cleansing and make-up removal for oily and combination skin.
Combined with the action of the Botanical Flavonoids Complex, this mild solution:
- eliminates residual impurities
- purifies and matifies the skin texture."

Actually it's not used up yet. I just need to throw out the bottle. LOL. It's okay I guess but it contains alcohol so it's kinda make my face a little bit dry but it's okay. Wouldn't recommend it though. Nutox Astringent Toner is much better.

4. Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Fresh Gel Undereye Bags

"The secret to brighter eyes!
This Fresh Gel Undereye Bags lightens the eyes with its cool texture. It refreshes the eye contour and skin is moisturized.
Result: the skin is protected and illuminated.

The Plus: its energizing effect on the skin.
Tested under dermatological and opthalmological supervision.
No paraben, no mineral oil and no silicone."

I have write a full comparison review on this. I like it for every morning as it was quite refreshing and this tube lasted for so loooonggg. Worth every penny but won't be repurchasing it for the time being as I have lots of other eye creams to try. Hoho.

5. Rexona Men Ice Cool Deodorant

Haha I got this as a free gift from Guardian online. Guardian always give out free samples and stuff. Teehee. I used this, LOL. I like the smell. It's not too manly. Hahaha. I only use it at home. Bahaha. But it's okay lah.

6. Optrex Eye Drops

This eye drop made my eyes feel a bit irritated. I prefer the Rehyrdating one. I talked about it in my previous empties. Huhu. Totally not gonna repurchase this.

7. Watson's Energizing and Moisturizing Facial Mask (with Lycopene Extract)

Biasalah, shopped too much at Watson's and received this sheet mask. It was pretty decent. I don't really like sheet mask but yeah it was okay lah.

8. St Ives Green Tea Scrub

"From America's #1 Scrub brand, this scrub with 100% Naturally Derived exfoliants and skin-soothing green tea gently fights blemishes and reduces redness & irritation caused by acne. The result is clear and calm skin."

I have posted a review on it like a long time ago. I liked it but I won't repurchase it because I have found my holy grail face scrub. Plus this one is kinda harsh but it was okay. I actually prefer the cleanser. I mentioned it in my August fave and it's in my skincare faves of 2015.

9. Watson's Charcoal Nose Pore Strips

In my humble opinion, I think this works better than Biore one. I don't know. But yeah. Always repurchase em so many times. Love it.

10. Himalaya Neem Face Wash

"Specially formulated to give you clear, problem free skin, a soap-free, daily use face wash gel that cleanses your skin by removing excess oil and impurities without over-drying. Neem, well-known for its purifying and antibacterial properties, kills problem-causing bacteria. Combined with Turmeric, it helps control acne and pimples leaving your skin soft, clear, refreshed and problem-free."

Always will be my favourite face wash ever.

11. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

"Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a mild, non-irritating formulation that soothes skin as it cleans. In fact, it's gentle enough for a baby's delicate skin. Designed specifically to work for all skin types, it is a simple, yet highly effective way to care for your skin."

I like it, super gentle. Didn't break me out. I love it but I won't repurchase because I don't really need it for now. Huhu.

12. Yves Rocher Pure System Clarifying Toner

"The clarifying toner for acne-prone skin, to tighten pores:
- Unclogs pores to purify skin,
- Refines and mattifies skin texture,
- Reduces the appearance of redness with its clarifying action."

Posted a full review on this baby. I love it so much, it helps a lot with my acne-prone skin and now I think my skin is getting a lot better so I don't really need it anymore but if you guys do have problematic skin, I recommend it. Oh and it lasted for more than 8 months. Nice huh? Only use it at night though. LOL. But it's super worth it.

So yeah. I guess that's all I wanted to share.

Thank you for reading! <3


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