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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Empties/Products I've Used Up #11

Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely ladies!

I actually forgot to write stuff lol usually aku put intro kan but whatever. I don't think I'm going to post on Sunday. But if I do, you'll get an update of course! So yeah, here's my fricking trash that I have been keeping for so fricking long~~~

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Clearing Lotion

"Prone to blemishes, blackheads and oily skin? Tea tree is nature’s alternative to harsh ingredients, with Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil, clinically proven to give clearer skin from one week. The range also uses tamanu oil extract which is reputed to help generate new tissue and improve the healing process for skin. So say goodbye to shine and hello to clear skin!"

I used up this moisturizer. I love it. It's a great moisturizer as it is gel-based. It sinks into the skin quite fast. I posted a full review, go check em out here. I already repurchased it because I just can't imagine being without it. LOL.

2. Nutox Serum Concentrate

"Defy ageing with this newly formulated Nutox Serum Concentrate. This lightweight Serum speeds up the production of the skin’s natural collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid. Be amazed by its instant & long-term lifting effects; visibly improved deep wrinkle in 2 weeks. Skin becomes elastic, firmer & smoother."

Think I featured it in my previous empties post. But whatever. Still using it coz it's fricking amazing. Highly recommended!

3. Revlon Colorstay Concealer

"Revlon's latest ColorStay concealer features new time release technology balances imperfections for a continuously flawless look, for up to 24 hours."

Oh I did mentioned this in my previous empties post. I love this concealer even though it didn't cover my undereye that much but I like it. But for now I think I'm not going to repurchase just because I wanted to try other brands ya know.

4. LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

"Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage,evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes."

I NEED TO REPURCHASE THIS ASAP! It's the best concealer I have ever used and it's stinking cheap! Everything about it is awesome. I posted a full review on it so yeah. Link down below ok?

5. Catrice All Round Mascara

"The allrounder amongst our mascaras is now also available in Ultra Black with a deep-black carbon formula to ensure intense colour. The allround brush allows a simple and accurate application of colour for an expressive triple effect: more volume, more length and more curl."

I actually love this mascara. It has natural but fuller lashes effect. It's fricking good and it's easy to wash it off. Cheap oso! But I won't repurchase for now because I have like 75873492378 mascaras ya know...

6. Hiruscar Gel

I depot this into a jar, makes things easier. Kadang-kadang this tube macam tah pape. Kadang2 picit sikit terkeluar sampai habis satu tube. And it's not cheap ok. I used this whenever I have acne scars and they faded in just about 2-3 days depends on how frequent you put em on lah. If I put on twice a day, memang cepat hilang and I noticed if you massage it into your skin, it works well. But if you just dab it, membazir woi.

7. Alcon Tears Naturale

I only gonna use this for now because I am comfortable with it. Other eyedrops macam tak best sangat. It's not irritating at all!

8. Makeup Revolution Bronzer - Medium Matte

You guys mesti ingat oh Pah terer gila boleh habiskan bronzer. NO. This thing cracked. LOL. Sebab aku selalu pakai so I've hit pan on it and terhentak sikit dia terus crack. Anyways, great bronzer. Though it's not that pigmented but it's actually great for those of you who don't really like to look like a fricking oompa loompa ya know. Not sure if this product still exists coz it's not available anymore. Sorry guys

9. Nyx HD Blush - Soft Spoken

Okay, this blush came in the mail with broken pieces. So I tried the alcohol thingy and guess what? Didn't stick together and I have even done it a couple of times. So I just gave up. Throwing this away because it's not gonna work okay? The shade is gorgeous but the pigmentation is mehh. I don't know if it's because it was quite light, I don't know. But I don't think I'm going to repurchase.

I actually forgot I featured the lip balm so many times before... I'm like old and the Simple wipes pon aku dah penah citer zaman dulu. Pffffft/.

And that face brush was from Sasa. I am throwing it away because it has started to shed so yeah.

That's all for today.

I hope you gus enjoy this!

Thank you for reading! <3


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